GTA 6 originally had three cities and four protagonists – doesn’t anymore

The latest GTA 6 rumour not only corroborates the previous info but suggests the game was originally planned to be much bigger.

It’s only a couple of days since the last, believable, GTA 6 leak and already there’s more details emerging about the new game, which really does suggest that development has kicked into high gear.

The latest information comes from Stephen Totilo, who has long been considered a reliable source, and both corroborates Wednesday report and adds more to the idea that the game’s scope has been significantly downscaled from its original design.

Supposedly, the initial plan was to have a map so large it included significant sections of North and South America, including at least three major cities.

There were also supposed to be four main protagonists you could play as – one more than GTA 5.

That almost seems like the sort of implausible fake info made up by fans, as while in theory it sounds good to have a world that large the work to build it and populate it with interesting things to do would be near impossible in any reasonable period of time.

This seems to be the conclusion Rockstar has come to as well, with the rumour now being that it’s just one city and two protagonists – one of which is a Latina woman.

Curiously, the Wednesday leak from Bloomberg referred to the city as Miami but made no mention of Vice City, even though it’s Rockstar’s fictionalised version of the same city.

Whether this means Rockstar is going for a more realistic tone in the new game is unclear, but Bloomberg did claim that there has been an effort to dial back the laddish humour, especially any aimed at minority groups.

Today’s rumour, from Axios, doesn’t make any mention of that specifically but since it seems to be in broad agreement with the earlier report the implication is that it’s true.

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