GTA fans think they’ve worked out when Rockstar will announce GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto fans eagerly anticipating a big GTA 6 announcement have been left somewhat disappointed in 2019 for yet another year.

But with Red Dead Redemption 2 now done with (beyond Red Dead Online updates) and nothing else on the cards (officially), there are even more reasons to be positive that 2020 could be the year a new Grand Theft Auto game is announced.

Remarkably Rockstar Games could go a whole console generation without releasing a new GTA game, should that next Grand Theft Auto outing skip the PS4 and Xbox One entirely.

Because in case you'd forgotten, we're not only a matter of months away from the release of Sony and Microsoft's next-gen consoles.

2020 will be a giant year for the games industry and somewhere between it all, we could finally see Rockstar Games announce a brand new GTA game.

In fact at the time of writing, it's been well over eight years since Rockstar announced GTA 5 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

However, amidst the chaos of everything else going on in 2020 – which is already pretty bonkers with Cyberpunk 2077, Last of Us 2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and so much more coming too – fans of the GTA series believe they might have narrowed down a rough timeframe for when Rockstar Games could announce GTA 6.

When will GTA 6 release?


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Writing on the GTA Forums, Eyman pointed out that some of Rockstar Games biggest announcements, such as GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2, have normally preceded, very closely, by a Take-Two Interactive conference call.

For those unaware, Take-Two Interactive is Rockstar Games' parent company, who also own 2K Games (Borderlands, NBA 2K, Bioshock etc) and another developer known as Private Division.

"I'm assuming everyone here knows why they do this, so I don't need to explain. But the conference calls are a good indication on when to expect news," Eyman explained.

Those dates we're referring to can be seen just below, and they are fairly eye-opening:

GTA V announcement – November 1st 2011
• T2 Conference Call – November 8th 2011

• Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement – October 18th 2016
• T2 Fiscal Call 2018 – November 2nd 2016

Another member of the GTA forums also added the following explanation:

"Rockstar seem to have a pattern of ruffling the feathers of their activities around, during, immediately after these earning calls. I believe it’s Rockstars way of letting their investors know 'We got this…oh and here’s a preview of where your money is going'"

So that's the current rationale most GTA fans are debating at the moment as we head into what is sure to be a busy and monumental 2020 for both Rockstar fans and console owners in general.

Now, with a GTA announcement likely to coincide with a Take-Two Interactive conference call, there's four key dates to keep in mind in 2020.

The first will be the day after Groundhog Day on 3 February 2020, so it's certainly worth keeping an ear to the ground around then for possible news.

Although, we would urge some caution. GTA 6 supposedly started production as far back as 2016 if you believe what one report by Tech Radar suggests and you can be sure there's been plenty of Take-Two Interactive conference call's between then and now without so much of a whisper.

However, 2020 certainly feels like the year for Rockstar to finally announce something new in the Grand Theft Auto series outside of more GTA Online updates.

Likewise, it's been heavily rumoured for some months that PlayStation could use February to hold a special conference to officially announce the new PS5 console to the world.

This is what they did with the PS4 and PS4 Pro in years gone by, and it might be more sensible for Rockstar (and Take-Two) to hold off any GTA announcements until after Sony's potential console reveal.

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Even if we do see Rockstar announce GTA 6 next year during one of the companies four quarterly earnings calls, it's still unlikely, we think, that GTA would launch anytime soon.

Historically the developer takes it's time with these releases and sometimes (almost invariably) delay the release to add more polish.

GTA 5 was announced on October 25, 2011, but it wasn't until 17 September 2013 that it was released on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Likewise, Red Dead Redemption 2 was first announced on October 18, 2016 and was originally intended to release in the second half of 2017, but didn't actually make it to consoles until October 26, 2018.

So unless Rockstar has dramatically changed their approach to how it both markets and releases its games you're likely looking at a very long wait for whatever the developer has planned.

That said, 2020 could be a huge year for the series and after so many years without so much of a word, that's all GTA fans can ask for.

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