GTA Online Bunker Resupply Skip Looks Very Profitable

Good news for GTA Online players who are sick to death of Oppressors ruining their business operations – they've been nerfed! And you can run your business in private lobbies at long last. If that wasn't enough, a big time-saving skip has been found for the bunker resupply missions. Time to watch the money roll in.

In a clip shared to Reddit, user Abdullah_1309 revealed that once you accept a Bunker resupply mission and go outside, you can quickly kill yourself with an explosive and you'll respawn right outside the intended destination.

This little skip will save you a lot of driving time, meaning you can resupply your bunker more quickly. Full supplies means more product, and that means more money. A very simple yet effective way to increase your earning potential and save up for all the cool stuff you want without splashing your real-world cash on Shark Cards.

Abdullah_1309 wrote that they "checked this 2 times and it worked." It's possible the game flags the respawn point as just outside the destination area, as you aren't intended to die enroute in traffic. This could be a new bug caused by the recent Criminal Enterprises update which adds to CEOs, bikers, gunrunners, and nightclubs.

This is unlikely to remain in the game very long, as it's probably an oversight. So, if you have a bunker, get it filled up quickly.

In other GTA Online news, a video has surfaced showing the full extent of the pesky Oppressor's nerf. Instead of the rockets being able to curve in midair at ridiculous angles, they now have a wider arc, meaning you stand a chance of dodging them if you get close. The cooldown of flares and smoke has also been doubled from 10 to 20 seconds.

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