GTA Online Rolls Out The Grotti Brioso 300 And Offers Double Rewards On Select Missions

GTA Online is giving you several good reasons to dive into the game this weekend, as many missions are offering double RP and GTA$. You’ll also find a wide range of real estate and vehicles available at a discount, along with the new Grotti Brioso 300 on showroom floors.

“Grotti’s designers always knew they were missing something vital. Sure their compacts ticked all the boxes — knees by your chin, elbows out the window — but day after day they would return to the drawing board certain there was one trick they’d yet to try,” Rockstar said. ” And then, one beautiful genius whispered ‘smaller.’ That’s how the 300 was born.”

The ultra-combat speedster is only available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos and sells for $457,000.

If you’d rather make money than spend money, you’ll want to check out several missions that are offering double rewards through the weekend and into next week. Here’s a quick rundown of the double reward activities running until March 10:

  • Air Freight Cargo Sell Missions – On top of double rewards, complete any of these missions by the end of this week and return after March 15 to receive a Neon Glow Necklace and Red and Blue Bangles.
  • Stockpile
  • Sea and Air Races
  • A Superyacht Life Missions
  • Hidden Chests
  • Treasure Chests

The fun doesn’t stop there, as GTA Online is also giving away a free Panic ProLaps Basketball Top to anyone who completes the Cayo Perico Heist Finale before March 17. And, if you manage to “stuff any Secondary Target into your Loot Bag” before March 17, you’ll get the Panic ProLaps Basketball Shorts.

You’ll also find steep discounts on Hangars (60% off), the Galaxy Superyacht (50% off), the Buckingham Akula (40% off), and the P-996 Lazer (40% off).

Finally, the Bravado Verlierer is this week’s Lucky Wheel grand prize. This luxury vehicle “takes all the best parts of the lax regulation of the Sixties and buffs them to a collector’s lustrous sheen.”

To learn more about this week’s activities, check out the official Rockstar website.

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