GTA Online Update Brings Heatwave And Rising Gas Prices To Los Santos

Rockstar promised a GTA Online update would be coming later this month after extending its most recent Diamond Casino event, and the details of that update have been revealed. You might have been fooled into thinking you had accidentially flipped on the news when watching the new update's trailer. Gripped by a heatwave and struggling with the soaring price of gas, it sounds like Los Santos is about to become a lot more like the real world.

Despite the trailer opening with a focus on the heat and petrol prices, the incoming GTA Online update has been dubbed The Criminal Enterprises. That's because a number of Los Santos residents engaged in criminal activity stand to benefit from the incoming changes the most. Despite the city being plunged into more chaos than usual, Executives, Bikers, Nightclub Owners, and Gunrunners can make the most of it once the new update goes live.

There's also some new story content for players who want to do more than rake in money and exploit the good people of San Andreas. Operation Paper Trail gives up to four players at a time the opportunity to trace what it is that has resulted in the game's gas prices skyrocketing. The IAA suspects a criminal conspiracy dreamt up by the Duggans, and it wants you to figure out if those suspicions are accurate.

On top of new benefits for business owners and an additional chapter to GTA Online's story to play through, you will also be able to run your company activities in invite only sessions for the first time. That will allow you and your friends to go about your business without the risk of running into griefers or any other players who might ruin your organised fun along the way.

There was a belief earlier this week that this update would include a number of other things once officially announced by Rockstar. Skydiving, new weapons, and most exciting of all, the ability to leave San Andreas. No mention of any of that in the official notes from Rockstar, but all of the above will be added to the game once the Criminal Enterprises update goes live on July 26.

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