GTA: The Trilogy has a 0.9 score on Metacritic as Hot Coffee sex game returns

PC gamers can finally play GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition but all versions of the game are being review bombed on Metacritic.

A week ago they were one of the most respected publishers/developers in the world and yet now Rockstar find themselves the target for angry fans on Metacritic, complaining about the issues with GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition.

After refusing to send review copies until the day of launch, many fans were upset to find that the compilation of three PlayStation 2 era remasters did not meet the usual high standards expected of the company.

There’s debate about exactly how serious the issues are but on Metacritic gamers have taken it upon themselves to review bomb the game, with all versions currently suffering a score of below 1 – out of a possible 100.

The PC version has been the biggest problem of all, with the game having been removed from the Rockstar Launcher last week, meaning it’s been impossible to play it all weekend.

It was restored late last night but Rockstar’s explanation for the removal is that it’s because of ‘files unintentionally included in these versions’.

This is thought to be a reference to not only music they’ve lost the licence for but also the infamous Hot Coffee content from San Andreas, which involved a sex mini-game and almost got San Andreas pulled from sale in the US.

It’s infamous as one of the most high-profile video game controversies of all time, and the subject of a major class-action litigation, so the idea that Rockstar would accidentally leave any of the content in speaks volumes about the care and attention afforded to the remasters…

3. I am not sure, but something might be also disabled in the executable to prevent people from adding the missing assets back.

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