Guild Wars 2: How To Complete The Equipment Tracker Achievement

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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is full of dangerous enemies scattered through the desert, as well as NPCs in need of help. When you make it to the Elon Riverlands, you will have the chance to retrieve five pieces of armor for Shadi, a member of the Sunspears. These armor pieces are located in various places around the map and can be difficult to find.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at how to complete the Equipment Tracker achievement, as well as what the rewards are. This achievement will not appear in your achievements before speaking with Shadi for the first time, so let's take a quick look at where you can find her.

Where To Find Shadi

Shadi can be found along the northern edge of Elon Riverlands, in the upper lefthand corner. Her position will be marked with a Path of Fire mastery icon, allowing you to easily find her.

Once you speak with Shadi, you will unlock Equipment Tracker and can begin searching for her five pieces of equipment.

Equipment Locations

Let's take a look at the location of each piece of equipment below. This will include the map location, as well as any enemies that you will face nearby.

Shadi's Sword

Shadi's Sword can be found directly next to Shadi. Rather than picking her sword off the ground, you will obtain it once the Veteran Fire Djinn has been defeated. If the Djinn is not there, all you need to do is wait for a few minutes, and it should respawn. Once defeated, you will get the sword.

Shadi's Helm

To find Shadi's Helm, head to Augrey's Shadow Waypoint. From here, go northeast towards the hero challenge on the right side of the map. Below this, you will find a cave that has a pile of equipment inside. Upon inspecting this pile, you will obtain her helm.

This cave will have branded enemies inside; you can either sneak by and quickly take the helm or kill them first.

Shadi's Gloves

Shadi's Gloves are on the southern edge of the Skimmer Ranch. From the Skimmer Ranch Waypoint, head south until you come to a pillar shown on the map above. Using your springer mount, you can get to the top of this rock pillar.

Once on top, there will be a Minor Fire Wyvern that can easily be defeated. Shadi's gloves will be obtained once you inspect the nearby pile of leaves.

Shadi's Boots

From the Skimmer Ranch Waypoint, head northwest until you come to the Skritt's Audience point of interest. On the map, you will see an arrowhead shape; this is a covered area with a skritt standing underneath.

To get Shadi's Boots, you will need to battle this veteran skritt, who is wearing them. Upon defeat, he will give you the boots.

Shadi's Armor

Lastly, we have Shadi's Armor. Once again, start from the Skimmer Ranch Waypoint, heading east this time.

Using your skimmer mount, cross into the sand and then face north; you should see a cave opening that you can enter leading to the Fallback Fissure point of interest.

Inside, you will find tough enemies, as well as a Hermit's Chest that contains Shadi's Armor. These enemies are quite dangerous, but you can easily sneak by and grab the armor from the chest since it is positioned near the edge of the area that they are standing on.

Rewards For Completing Equipment Tracker

After getting all five pieces of armor, return to Shadi and speak with her. This will complete the achievement and reward you with the following items.

  • 5 Achievement Points
  • 1 Mastery Point
  • Mini Master Sergeant Shadi

With that, you have completed the Equipment Tracker Achievement. There are still plenty of achievements and mastery points that can be completed in the Elon Riverlands, so keep exploring!

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