Guild Wars Devs Reveal New Sci-Fi Shooter Called LLL, 9-Minutes Gameplay Trailer Shared

NCSoft is no stranger to what makes a great MMO. The makers of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 have years of experience with their fantasy MMORPGs, and now it's taking that knowledge and applying it to the competitive market of multiplayer shooters with the recently announced LLL.

We have two trailers introducing us to the post-apocalyptic world of LLL. The first is nine minutes of gameplay set in the war-torn city of Seoul, South Korea, and NCSoft’s hometown. The main character first exits what seems to be a sanctuary where civilians thank them for their service. Then, upon entering an armory of the Imperial Order, the character is seemingly teleported to an underground urban ruin where they have to fight off humanoid creatures.

Gameplay is third-person with an over-the-shoulder camera and a minimalist UI. There’s a tiny icon for ammo count and various player abilities, which include grenades, homing rockets, a brief invisibility cloak, and summoning force fields that allow your bullets to go through but stop enemy bullets from penetrating. Your character can equip SMGs, shotguns, and assault rifles, and also hack into enemy mecha suits to take them over (big Titanfall vibes).

The trailer ends with a bizarre multi-armed creature that can apparently destroy all the advanced sci-fi technology your character wields with just a single strike. Seems unbalanced, but this is early gameplay footage so NCSoft has plenty of time to tamp that boss fight down a few pegs.

The second video is a seven-minute interview with game director Bae Jaehyun, art director Bae Incheol, and technical director Son Donghee, revealing behind-the-scenes footage and concept art that inspired LLL. The game will feature humans in technologically advanced suits fighting to retake the world from mutants and demons that don't want to give up the world without a fight.

In a separate interview on NCSoft's website, game director Bae Jaehyun said that LLL will be a "new genre that is completely different from the recently popular Looter Shooter or Battle Royale." It'll also feature a "seamlessly connected" open-world map that is 30km wide and has procedural generation for enemies and other objects.

LLL is expected to launch sometime in 2024 for PC and consoles.

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