Hades 2 Might Have A Mana Bar

Hades 2 will see us playing as Melinoe, a possible sibling to Zagreus (given that she is the daughter of Hades, or possibly Zeus disguised as Hades – Greek mythology can get a bit confusing). She's heavily tied to witchcraft, the supernatural, and ghosts, and Hades 2 is embracing that in its gameplay, as some have pointed out that, in the trailer, there's a reference to restoring Magick.

The first Hades didn't have Magick, only a God bar, health bar, and Bloodstones. Magick may be tied to a mana bar for certain abilities, spells, attacks, or whatever else. Some even theorise that it will replace Bloodstones and be used for Casts, which means that Apollo's Clarifying Light gift would make Magick self-sustaining as it reads, "While standing in your Casts, gradually restore Magick." However, that is pure speculation, as it's unclear if it will replace an existing mechanic.

It would make sense to swap Bloodstones for Magick to help differentiate Zagreus and Melinoe in playstyle, as Zagreus is the God of Blood and Melinoe is both the God of Nightmares and a witch. Regardless, Magick looks to be a new mechanic that many of us missed from that first The Game Awards trailer, though we'll have to wait for more gameplay footage to see how it works in practice.

You can see the menu pictured above at 1:25 in the Hades 2 reveal trailer. Just before it pops up, we see Melinoe casting spells with a staff, summoning a line of markings and pentagrams on the ground, damaging any enemies that touch it This may be one of the Casts mentioned in Apollo's gift. There's also a circle Cast that summons a light beam that fries enemies in the vicinity. Blood is out and witchcraft is in.

With Apollo's gift, it may be that standing in these lines and circles restores our Magick, letting us cast even more devilish spells. With the trailer lacking a HUD, all we can do is speculate when it comes to whatever Magick may be.

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