Half-Life: Alyx is real, new Half-Life VR will be announced this Thursday

It’s not Half-Life 3 or Half-Life: Episode Three but Valve is planning to unveil a new VR game starring Alyx Vance this week.

On the same day that Shenmue III is released (that’s got to be on purpose) Valve has announced a new Half-Life game, although it’ll only be for VR.

Rumours of a VR game have been chugging along for years, but the brief tweet below confirms that it’s called Half-Life: Alyx and that it will be properly unveiled on Thursday, 21 November.

10am Pacific Time is 6pm GMT, so unlike the tweet you won’t have to stay up late to find out what’s going on.

Existing rumours suggest that the game is set somewhere during the 20-year time gap between Half-Life 1 and 2, when Gordon Freeman is still in stasis.

That means that in every sense this is not Half-Life 3 and we still don’t get to find out what happens after Half-Life 2: Episode Two from 2007. Although some may view that as a good thing, as it means if you don’t have access to VR then you’re only missing out on a side story.

The tweet doesn’t say anything specific about hardware but the VR in question is presumably the new Valve Index headset. Whether it’d be possible to run the game on other hardware, or maybe even the PlayStation VR, remains to be seen.

It seems relatively unlikely though, at least at first, as this and a promised other two ‘flagship’ VR games will become essentially killer apps for the headset.

Rumours of the game’s title leaked just a few hours before the official announcement, but they didn’t mention anything about this Thursday and instead suggested that the game was going to be unveiled at The Game Awards on 12 December.

That has to make you wonder whether plans were changed when the news leaked out (which seems relatively unlikely) or if the reveal on Thursday will be fairly brief and maybe not much more than a quick tease and some logos.

Thankfully it’s not long till we find out, and while it’s not quite Half-Life 3 it is the closest thing to it that we’ve had in over a decade.

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