Half-Life: Alyx Mod Adds A Brand New Campaign To The Game

Half-Life has one of the most dedicated modding communities out there whether it's fans piecing together old betas, creating whole new games around short stories, or remaking the originals. VR is no different. Now, one team has put together a four-to-five hour DLC for Alyx.

SFM animator Corey Laddo and level designer Shawn Snelling have released a brand-new trailer that shows off a further adventure in City 17 with returning characters like G-Man and Russell, albeit with new voice actors. It's inspired by Zona (thanks, PCGamer), a Spanish TV series that draws from Roadside Picnic, the same book that Stalker also drew from.

Levitation, as it's called, isn't out just yet, but it's expected to release on the Steam Workshop sometime this summer. It's a free expansion so, as long as you have space, you can download it and get stuck in, enjoying another lengthy virtual campaign that's filled with one part horror and one part action.

In the trailer, we see a distorted version of Episode 2's ending, a floating building, gunfights in the street, Combine trains, a dropship, a clock tower, zombies in parking lots, new guns, gunfights on moving trains with manhacks, a power plant, a dig site, a strider, and more.

There are a lot of returning Half-Life 2 elements that were absent in Alyx like the manhacks, but we aren't playing as Gordon, even if the ending of Episode 2 is where we start. We're still Alyx Vance, seemingly in the employ of G-Man, so the fan-made campaign might just pick up where Alyx left off. But without the crowbar.

In other Half-Life news, a modder has managed to bring the PS2 exclusive spin-off Decay to PC. It was a co-op experience that has been ported before but, with it being a PS2 game, it has noticeably worse visuals than the base Half-Life. This port remedies that but it goes a step further. It makes it playable solo. You can play Decay by yourself as is but you have to swap between characters and move them yourself – there's no AI. They won't follow you. But now you can play it without that headache by yourself.

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