Halo: Every Iteration Of The Pistol, Ranked

While it may not be one of the most powerful Halo weapons, the Pistol is one of the only guns that makes an appearance in each and every Halo title. Often the weapon that players start a campaign mission or multiplayer match with, the Pistol will become a familiar gun no matter what game mode you find yourself playing.

While it may be a weapon that players have come to expect, the look, strength, and overall design of the pistol has changed dramatically across every Halo game. Some versions are beloved, and some can be dismissed as less than useful.

8 Halo 3

While Halo 3 is regarded as one of the best Halo games to date, one thing the game got wrong was its version of the Pistol. Halo 3 features the M6G Magnum Sidearm, a Desert Eagle type Pistol that is similar in design to the original Pistol featured in Halo: Combat Evolved. However, the similarity between these two versions of the Pistol ends there. Halo 3’s magnum lacks range, damage, or a high rate of fire.

This version of the Pistol also lacks a scope to zoom in with, so you’d be much better off wielding a Battle Rifle if you’re wanting to do some mid-range damage. Whether it’s multiplayer or the campaign, odds are you’ll be swapping this Pistol out the minute another weapon presents itself.

7 Halo Reach

Halo Reach gives Halo 3’s M6G Magnum a second chance and there are admittedly some notable improvements to this version of the Pistol. Unlike Halo 3, Reach’s Magnum now has a scope for players to use for more mid-range firing as well as a higher rate of fire.

While it can be useful to pick off weak enemies in the campaign, going up against anything other than a Grunt or a Jackal with a pistol will most likely lead to your demise, especially when playing through the campaign on a higher difficulty.

6 Halo 2

The M6C Magnum sidearm featured in Halo 2 is a very polarizing gun. When compared to its predecessor, this Pistol feels extremely depowered. However, if you can refrain from that comparison then the M6C stands as a reliable and consistent Pistol.

This Pistol is a great weapon to utilise Halo 2’s dual-wielding feature with. Pair this gun with either another MC6 or another sidearm entirely and you’ll be able to eliminate unshielded Convent forces at a lightning-fast speed. Pair it with a Plasma Pistol and ten shielded enemies will become easy targets as well. Whatever this Pistol lacks in power is made up for due to its fast rate of fire, accuracy, and versatility.

5 Halo 4

The M6H Pistol feels like a combination of all the different types of Pistols from previous Halo titles. However, this mash-up makes it passable in combat situations but unable to find its use and purpose in a specific situation. Less recoil makes it an accurate Pistol, but lack of power makes this accuracy feel like a waste.

With Halo 4 being the first game to have both the DMR and Battle Rifle as weapon options, as well as a variety of new forerunner guns, players will likely push this version of the Pistol aside in favour of the large variety of other mid and long-range weapons available.

4 Halo 3: ODST

Halo 3: ODST features a variation of Halo 2’s M6C Pistol. However, the exciting variation of this version, known as the M6C/SOCOM, has a sound suppressor attached to encourage a stealth approach. To complement the silencer is a 4x scope, paving the way for a different type of Pistol to shine in this game.

The biggest downfall of this Pistol is how heavily its effectiveness relies on headshots. However, for experienced Halo fans, this Pistol offers a unique gameplay opportunity to get through groups of enemies without even making a sound.

3 Halo 5: Guardians

Halo 5: Guardians features a similar Pistol model to the one seen in Halo 4. However, some small changes make the Halo 5 version of this Pistol model an improvement to the original M6H seen in the previous game and one that holds its own against other versions of the gun.

An increased ammo capacity allows 12 bullets to be shot before needing to reload, as well as having a faster reload animation than in Halo 4. The new aiming featured in Halo 5 allows players to aim down the sights of the Pistol, leading to more accurate shooting.

2 Halo Infinite

If there is one thing the recent Halo title has done better than most Halo games, it’s that it’s brought back importance and relevance to the classic Halo weapons. First the Assault Rifle and now the Pistol, Halo Infinite features a great sidearm that will once again become a staple of your campaign and multiplayer experience.

The MK50 Sidekick is a well-rounded Pistol that is useful in any combat situation. Its 12-round magazine gives it enough bullets to clear a group of enemies in the campaign without even needing to reload. In the multiplayer, its accuracy and power make it a great weapon to take down opponents from mid and long-range distances thanks to its almost non-existent recoil.

1 Halo: Combat Evolved

Still the best iteration to date, the original Halo title features one of the most overpowered and devastating Pistols in any video game. The M6D Magnum Sidearm is often referred to as a hand cannon and for those that have played the original Halo, the sentiment is pretty accurate.

While the weaker version of the Pistol makes it an easy weapon to swap out, the quality of the Pistol in this game made it a must for any combat situation. Whether it be enemies such as The Flood, an Elite or even a Hunter, the pistol will take them down with precision and ease. With newer Halo titles now featuring more mid and long-range weapons, the sheer power that the Combat Evolved Pistol held will most likely never be replicated. However, this Pistol will forever be remembered and beloved by Halo fans.

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