Healthy App BoxVR Set to Leave Early Access for Oculus Quest Launch

It has been well documented that due to the unique room-scale properties of virtual reality (VR) gaming, that some of the energetic titles out there can help burn some extra calories, you can even lose weight if you play enough. This last part is one of the founding principles behind FitXR’s workout app BoxVR. And it will soon be fully released, with a date set for 21st May.

Originally released into Steam Early Access in 2017, BoxVR is a rhythm-based boxing title where players can jab, hook and uppercut their way through a selection of workouts designed to get the heart pumping, the forehead sweating and the calories receding.

Developer FitXR launched the PlayStation VR version of BoxVR a couple of weeks ago and is now preparing to release the Oculus Quest version next Tuesday, 21st May. To coincide with that, the Steam and Oculus store versions currently in Early Access will see an official launch the same day.

That will also mean the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality versions will see new environments to train in, 110 audio tracks to workout to (you can also add your own) and use in the My Workouts mode, reworked workouts plus 15 brand new workouts, all of which will be available for use in Multiplayer.

All these extra features do come at a price however, with the cost of BoxVR going up accordingly. Currently retailing for £14.99 GBP on Steam, once it leaves Early Access BoxVR will retail for £24.99 ($29.99 USD).

Additionally, the team have also said: “If you already own BoxVR on the Oculus Store and are planning to purchase an Oculus Quest system, we’ve got you covered. BoxVR on the Oculus platform will be part of their cross-buy initiative, which means if you have bought or plan on buying BoxVR in the future, you will only have to pay $0 to have BoxVR available on the Oculus Quest.” So if you have thought about purchasing the title, then grabbing it in the next few days will save some cash.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of BoxVR and Oculus Quest, updating you with the latest announcements.

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