Here Are All the FIA European Truck Racing Championship Trophies and Achievements

The big rigs have arrived. FIA European Truck Racing Championship has touched down, and we have the full list of PlayStation trophies and Xbox achievements available.

First, some regional clarification: ETRC is currently available globally on Steam, plus Xbox and PlayStation in Europe. European Switch players will be able to pick it up starting August 5. Meanwhile, North American console trucking hopefuls will have to wait until August 20.

Release dates aside, the good news here is that the ETRC trophy and achievement lists are very straightforward. Players won’t have to rely on the luck of online racing for any of them, for example. There’s a trophy for each of the game’s tracks, too. Not only are all eight circuits of the official series present, but there’s also a selection of international tracks to master.

This split represents the two disciplines in ETRC: the eponymous series and the World Series. The latter is available as an option in career mode too, offering heavier (but quicker) trucks for players.

All told, getting a Platinum or 1000 Gamerscore looks to be as simple as playing through the game’s single-player modes. You can check out the full list below, and stay tuned for the GTPlanet European Truck Racing Championship review tomorrow!

  • FIA European Truck Racing Championship – Unlock all trophies (Platinum / NA)
  • Just getting started – Create your driver in career and sign your first contract (Bronze / 10)
  • Future champ – Complete your first career race (Bronze / 10)
  • A familiar face – Earn 4000 Reputation in the ETRC (Silver / 20)
  • A household name – Earn 4000 Reputation in the World Series (Silver / 20)
  • World champion – Become the World Series champion (Gold / 100)
  • European champion – Become the ETRC champion (Gold / 100)
  • Moving up in the ETRC – Get promoted to a Titan driver in the ETRC (Silver / 30)
  • Moving up in the World Series – Get promoted to a Titan driver in the World Series (Silver / 30)
  • Getting the job done – Successfully complete a team’s objective (Bronze / 20)
  • The first of many – Complete your first race weekend (Silver / 30)
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  • Papers please – Complete all of the license tests (Bronze / 20)
  • Pole sitter – In Career, set the quickest lap in Qualifying to claim pole position. (Silver / 30)
  • To the next round – In Career, advance to the Super Pole after qualifying. (Silver / 30)
  • The quickest on the day – In Career, set the fastest lap in a race (Silver / 30)
  • Got to spend money – Upgrade a part of your truck (Bronze / 10)
  • The best in the business – Fully upgrade your truck (Silver / 30)
  • Points on the board – In Career, achieve a points finish (Silver / 20)
  • Podium sitter – In Career, achieve a podium finish (Silver / 20)
  • Rolling in it – Earn a total of 10,000 credits (Silver / 30)
  • Champ of Misano World Circuit – Win a race at Misano World Circuit (Bronze / 20)
  • Champ of Hungary Speedway – Win a race at Hungary Speedway (Bronze / 20)
  • Champ of the Nürburgring – Win a race at Nürburgring (Bronze / 20)
  • Champ of Slovakia Ring – Win a race at Slovakia Ring (Bronze / 20)
  • Champ of Autodrom Most – Win a race at Autodrom Most (Bronze / 20)
  • Champ of Circuit Zolder – Win a race at Circuit Zolder (Bronze / 20)
  • Champ of Circuit Du Mans – Win a race at Circuit Du Mans (Bronze / 20)
  • Champ of Circuito Del Jarama – Win a race at Circuito Del Jarama (Bronze / 20)
  • Champ of Autodromo De Buenos Aires – Win a race at Autodromo De Buenos Aires (Bronze / 20)
  • Champ of Canadian Tire Motorsport Park – Win a race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (Bronze / 20)
  • Champ of Laguna Seca – Win a race at Laguna Seca (Bronze / 20)
  • Champ of Fuji Speedway – Win a race at Fuji Speedway (Bronze / 20)
  • Champ of Circuit of the Americas – Win a race at Circuit of the Americas (Bronze / 20)
  • Champ of Winton Motor Raceway – Win a race at Winton Motor Raceway (Bronze / 20)
  • Conqueror of all – Win a race on all circuits (Gold / 50)
  • Well-travelled – Drive a total of 500km (Silver / 20)
  • A mechanic’s dream – Win a race without taking any body damage (Silver / 30)
  • Snatching victory – Win a race after starting last on the grid (Silver / 30)

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