Hi-Fi Rush: 15 Best Attacks To Buy

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  • Shred
  • Gain Tornado
  • Harmonic Beam
  • Compressor Slam
  • Arpeggio Stab
  • Stomp Box
  • Quick Beat Hit
  • Steal Counter
  • Magnet Backstab
  • Peppermint's Cannon Spike
  • Macaron's Love Tap
  • Korsica's High Alert
  • Korsica Typhoon
  • Hibiki!
  • Overdrive Slash

In Hi-Fi Rush, it can be quite difficult to remember the combo buttons and pull off certain combos — they can be easily forgotten. Such cases result in rhythmic disorders and poor letter grades. To avoid this, we have compiled the most useful attacks that are easy to remember and perform.

In this game, there are some aspects that are more important than the damage, like the idea that they need to work together harmonically. When your attacks work harmonically and rhythmically, the damage will shape itself. The functionality of your attacks is more important than the quantity in Hi-Fi Rush.


Shred is a great attack to have in Hi-Fi Rush and aside from its cool animation, it is also useful. However, pulling off the Shred combo can be difficult in the beginning, so to be able to pull off this attack, you should hit one light attack and spam three heavy attacks behind it.

Landing the Beat Hit doesn't make you deal more damage, however, it helps you to collect more Reverb Gauge. This attack is great for charging your Reverb Gauge quickly. The Shred attack's price is 8,000 Gears.

Gain Tornado

Gain Tornado is one of the attacks you will need most. This attack is perfect for taking out a horde of enemies, and it even breaks the stance of tough enemies. Gain Tornado attack will cost you 10,000 Gears, and it will definitely be worth it.

Using this attack is relatively easy; sometimes Chai does Heavy Attack while trying to do the Gain Tornado attack, though. This happens if you don't hold your Heavy Attack button on the beat hit.

If you get hit whilst charging the Gain Tornado, it will be canceled.

Harmonic Beam

Holding your enemy in the air as much as you can is important because you can deal damage to them in the air, but they can't. Harmonic Beam deals a decent amount of damage, and it has an extremely memorizable combo. When you land the beat hit, the beam also deals damage to nearby enemies.

Harmonic Beam will cost you 10,000 Gears, and it is always a good pick to buy easy attacks. You'll be able to perform some combos, even if you mess up the buttons or timing, when you have easy combos.

Harmonic Beam can be performed by hitting Light Attack + Heavy Attack + Heavy Attack + Heavy Attack while in the air.

Compressor Slam

Compressor Slam will cost 16,000 Gears, and it is great for keeping your enemy in the air while dealing area damage. To perform this combo do Light Attack + Heavy Attack + Light Attack + Heavy Attack while in the air.

There are a couple of ways to launch your enemies into the air. One of them is using your Dodge Button and hitting the Heavy Attack button afterward immediately. The second one is using Rise Up combo. To perform the latter, you need to do Light Attack, wait for one beat, and Light Attack + Light Attack.

While your target is in the air you can perform your desired airborne combo.

Arpeggio Stab

Arpeggio Stab costs you 12,000 Gears, and it is a decent attack to launch your enemies into the air. After you finish your Arpeggio Stab combo, you can continue with airborne attacks. This means you can follow up with other moves such as Compressor Attack, Harmonic Beam, Master Blaster, High Strung, and Tornado Lift.

This attack is a great way to chain more hits and keep the combo going.

Stomp Box

Stomp Box is a 10,000 Gears worth combo in Hi-Fi Rush and one of the most useful attacks you should own. It might be easier to keep in mind the buttons needed when compared to other moves — to perform this combo, press Heavy Attack + Light Attack + Heavy Attack.

Another useful aspect of Stomp Box is when you finish the combo with a beat hit it will inflict area damage; it is great for dealing with crowded enemies.

Quick Beat Hit

Quick Beat Hit is a 7,500 Gears worth quick attack. You might want to get this one if you'd like to chain more hits in your combos. One of the coolest things you can do with this attack is you can quickly chain your Jam Combos.

Jam Combo is another useful combo. To perform it, you need to buy attacks such as High-Security Risk, Double Bass Drop, and Switch Kicker.

After the beat hit appears on your screen, you should press your partner call button and then a short animation will play. After this animation, you will have performed a Jam Combo.

Steal Counter

Steal Counter is a flashy way to counter an attack. After a successful counter, you can hit the Heavy Attack button and perform Steal Counter. If done successfully, Chai will stick his guitar to the enemy's chest and throw them aside.

Doing this move will reward you with a good chunk of batteries to charge your Reverb Gauge. The Steal Counter price is 7,500 Gears.

Magnet Backstab

Magnet Backstab is a great way to land one or two free hits to your opponents. After pulling yourself to an enemy with your Magnet Grab, press one more time your Magnet Grab button, and you will land behind your enemy.

Doing this will help you inflict damage on armored enemies like the mech reptile enemies.

Peppermint's Cannon Spike

Peppermint's Cannon Spike can be performed by holding down your partner's summon button. It's pretty useful for breaking strong shields in one go. Also, you can use this attack to spread crowded enemy groups.

Cannon Spike's price is 7,500 Gears.

Macaron's Love Tap

Macaroon's Love Tap can be performed by summoning Macaron after a successful parry, and this attack deals more damage to shielded enemies than a normal Macaron attack. Love Tap is a great way to get rid of enemies with two-layer armor quickly.

Macaron's Love Tap is available at the store with its 9,000 Gears price.

Korsica's High Alert

This attack will help you immediately carry your attack chain into the air. After a successful parry, you can summon Korsica to perform a High Alert attack. This way, you can overkill the enemies and increase your score multiplier.

Korsica High Alert can be purchased for 9,000 Gears from the store.

Korsica Typhoon

This attack can be performed by holding your Korsica's summon button, and it is a great tool for stacking up enemies while also stunning them. After stunning your enemies with this tornado, you can charge your area damage-based attacks like Gain Tornado.

Korsica Typhoon can be purchased for 10,000 Gears from the shop.


Hibiki is one of the most useful special attacks in Hi-Fi Rush. With this special attack, you can deal high damage to a large area. It will kill most of the enemies in one shot, except for the main bosses. After the attack is finished, it will add a four times multiplier as a bonus for your score.

After activating this special attack, you should complete the button sequence on the screen to deal more damage.

Hibiki can be purchased for 30,000 Gears from the shop.

Overdrive Slash

Overdrive Slash will allow you to kill multiple enemies in a fancy way. After you activate this special ability, you will need to complete the button sequence (just like in the Hibiki attack), and then you will deal damage to enemies in front of you.

Overdrive Slash can be bought from the shop for 25,000 Gears.

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