High On Life Announced For October 2022

From the co-creator of Rick & Morty and Solar Opposites Justin Roiland comes High On Life, a first-person shooter where all the guns not only talk but also have faces. It's more than a little weird, even for Roiland.

The plot seems to be about an alien species that's figured out a way of turning humans into a potent narcotic. You play as a human armed with alien firearms trying to save all the humans from being stuffed into a bong and smoked to death. To help you out, those alien firearms will helpfully explain their operation and encourage you to commit ever-greater feats of mayhem.

There's a bug-faced gun that seems to be the basic pistol, a grenade-launching weapon that fires its own children, and a knife that loves to stab. A lot.

It doesn't look like High On Life takes place in the Rick & Morty universe, but you might recognize a few voices from the show. And the theme of killing intergalactic bugs seems to cross over many of Roiland's creations.

High On Life is coming October 22 for Xbox and PC with a day-one release on Game Pass.

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