Hitman 3: How To Get Sniper Assassin In Mendoza

In Hitman 3 during the mission in Mendoza, you will find out that Don Yates has hired a lawyer to do the dirty work of digging up facts about Diana Burnwood. He’s attempting to discredit her and eliminate her as a candidate for the position of Constant with Providence. Now, what kind of friend would you be if you let that stand, 47?

Oh, the lawyer will still be doing some dirty work if you want to get the sniper assassin challenge complete. However, instead of Aron Ford Jr, the lawyer Yates actually hired, you’re going to be the man turning in all of the damning evidence. In fact, you’ll be delivering Yates and Vidal every detail they could ever want about Burnwood. It’s too bad they won’t live long enough for the information to be any good.


While it might seem like a pain to start off in the parking lot, one of the best costumes in the game is here. There is no enforcer against it. Also, make sure to bring along your favorite suppressed sniper rifle. This is a sniper assassin challenge after all! And lastly, pack a pistol that can pass a frisk.

You won’t actually end up needing a pistol at all for this strategy to work, but you will be getting frisked. The rest of the items can be adjusted based on personal taste.

Disguise As The Lawyer

Aron Ford Jr. won’t get into the position you need him in until you’ve gotten within a short distance of his location. This triggers a phone call conversation. After he finishes that conversation, he’ll start to head toward the villa, but he’ll be distracted by a rare bird.

Allow him a few moments to look at the bird. If you snag him too early, a party guest will see you. Press up against the inside of the planter and pull him over the railing.

Take his disguise. Make sure to pick up your briefcase with the sniper rifle instead of his briefcase. Also, grab the research file that he drops. Now the real trick is getting your luggage with the sniper rifle past security.

Get Into The Villa

The guards standing on the path to the Villa will frisk you and find your sniper rifle if you approach directly. Thankfully, their peripheral vision is terrible. Duck down and hug the left wall until you get into the tall grass. Then drop your briefcase. Vault over the wall and get back into the parking lot.

Go ahead and get frisked, then pick your briefcase back up. It seems they don’t have any questions as to where that was during the initial patdown.

Journey toward the villa by taking the main road and talk to the guard at the gate. After you do this, you will be free to roam absolutely everywhere you need to go with this disguise.

Take Out Don Yates

Find Yates and talk to him. He wanders around a bit, but thankfully nowhere illegal for you to be. Use your instinct if you’re having trouble tracking him down.

He’ll instruct you to go to the guest room. Put the research file on the desk in this room so that looks over the evidence.

Speak to Yates as he enters the room to begin an illuminating discussion. It’s imperative to wait to pull your sniper rifle out until after he is looking at the files and he is speaking. If you pull it out when you are speaking, it will interrupt what you’re saying and cause Yates to turn around. If this is all too complicated, knock him out and shoot him while he’s unconscious.

After that, drag his body into the dresser in the room, stash your sniper rifle back in the briefcase, and join the party.

Get In Position At The Party

Head out the front door and right down the steps. There will be another planter similar to the one you used to take out Aron Ford Jr. for you to hide in. Hop in there, take out your rifle and have a look around.

Vidal will be with Diana and they will wander all over the map discussing business and history. But it’s only a matter of time before they both walk back to the table next to the Asado.

Take Out Tamara Vidal

Wait for her to sit down. Thankfully, from this position, even if your sniper rifle has piercing ammo, it won’t hit any innocent bystanders.

If you miss this moment, don’t panic. She’ll be around again. If that seems like too long to wait, she’ll actually mosey up to the balcony nearest to you. If you take this option, just be sure to drop everything a run quickly as her bodyguards will immediately descend upon your location.

Hit The Dance Floor

Vidal’s bodyguards will, understandably, freak out as soon as you pull the trigger. And the bad news is that they’re really good at pinpointing where the shot came from. Drop your gun, duck down, and run to the planter closer to the villa.

After that, just wait for the commotion to die down. Your escape location will be the dance floor with Diana, but it may take her a few extra seconds to get there because she’s pretending to run away in fear after your rifle took off Vidal’s head.

Congratulations on a job well done! Enjoy a dance or two, you’ve earned it, 47.

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