How Long Does It Take To Beat The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me?

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, the fourth and final game from season one of the Dark Pictures games, was reported long before release to be the longest of the games so far. Not only do you have new features like an inventory system, run and jump capabilities, and permission to move obstacles around in the world sometimes, but you’ve also got one hell of a story here as well.

Not a minute of the time feels wasted, though, as you and your team peel away at the layers of mystery behind what really happened at The World’s Fair Hotel.

How Long Does The Devil In Me Take To Finish?

The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me
Story Completion100 Percent Completion
Seven hours15-20 hours

With so much to cover in one playthrough of the game, you'll want to spend some time exploring – you might miss a lot of the overarching mystery and lore of the Murder Castle if you go straight for the story sections. Games like The Dark Pictures Anthology require thorough exploration of the current area, even if that is really spooky to investigate sometimes.

Additionally, factors like who’s alive and who's died already will heavily influence how long the game takes you to beat. Death is a permanent thing in each run of the game! If you lose a character early on, they’ll be absent from the rest of the story, which can massively impact the fates of the other characters as well.

Overall, if you’re just trying to experience the bulk of the story, The Devil in Me will take roughly seven hours to finish from beginning to end.

This will be shortened if you’ve gotten key characters killed, so tread lightly if your goal is making it through the story with everyone alive. Different difficulty settings will make it easier to keep characters alive, so mess around with the settings to find what’s right for you and your goals in this playthrough.

How Long Does It Take To Find Everything?

Between all the obols, pictures, secrets, and tons of evidence littered around the island for you to find, it might be quite a while before you 100 percent the game. The good news is that the story is intriguing enough that it’s pretty easy to get sucked in, to want to find everything. What good is a mystery if there are still holes left when you’re done, right?

The trophies list for this game is extensive and requires quite a lot of exploring to fill in, which is typically easiest when spread across multiple playthroughs. Not only does it give you a chance to go back to the start with what you already know, but decisions you make in these games can and will lock you out of certain scenes later on – if a character dies early, they naturally won’t be around in the end-game. You'll need to go back and play again and make different decisions if you'd like to see their story conclude naturally.

On average, it’ll take you between 15-20 hours across a couple playthroughs to fully explore uncover all the mysteries within The Devil in Me. If you're trying to unlock all the trophies, you've got ample time to double back and make different decisions that may lead you to ones you didn't have the chance to get in your initial playthrough. 100 percent completion covers searching for collectibles and evidence, as well as seeing the bulk of the story unfold.

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