How To Catch Galarian Zapdos In Crown Tundra

One of the most exciting discoveries about the new Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield was the new Galarian forms of the original Legendary birds. All three have taken on a new design to complement their new types, and are at the top of most trainer’s most wanted lists. None of these three birds are going to be easy to catch, though, with Galarian Zapdos being one of the trickiest of the bunch. If you’re stuck on where to even begin looking for this Legendary bird, we’ll tell you exactly how to catch it.

How To Catch Galarian Zapdos In Crown Tundra

Once you spot all three of the Galarian Legendary birds at Dyna Tree Hill in the Crown Tundra, they will scatter to the far corners of the world. Zapdos itself goes quite a distance away, forcing you to actually leave the entire new DLC area in order to track it down and attempt to catch it.

Travel all the way over to the base game wild region to spot Zapdos. It will fly over the island and eventually settle down somewhere in the Wild Area, but we encountered it right by the entrance to the Rolling Fields. Make sure you have your bike ready and maxed out, because as soon as it notices you it will make a mad dash away. However, no matter how fast you peddle, you won’t be able to chase it down normally.

The only chance you have is to watch how Zapdos moves and do your best to cut off its path. It does slow down for a time between dashes, and takes indirect paths you can take advantage of to head it off. It might take a while, but keep at it and you will eventually be able to touch it and start a battle.

Like the other Galarian Legendaries, Zapdos is not the same Electric and Flying type you might be familiar with, but is not a Fighting and Flying type. Pick out your team to counter it and add this powerful bird to your roster of brand new Pokemon.

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