How To Claim Alola Cap Pikachu In Pokemon Sword & Shield

The celebration of Pokemon Sword & Shield‘s Crown Tundra DLC, which is out now, goes on. Every few days Game Freak gives players a special code to use in Sword & Shield. This code allows the player to get one special Pikachu as a mystery gift. All of these Pikachu are wearing Ash Ketchum’s cap from the various seasons of the cartoon. Today’s offering is the Alola hat.

To get Alola cap Pikachu in Sword & Shield, open the Mystery Gift option on the pause menu. From there, hit “Get a Mystery Gift” then “Get with Code/Password.” The code you’ll want to type in is ULTRAP1KA.

The “ultra” in this case refers to how prominent the word was during the Alola period of Pokémon. Rather than get sequels or a third version, the Gen VII games got Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. These versions were touted as more complete versions of the original Sun & Moon and added a post-game storyline involving Team Rocket.

Ultra was also used to describe the space-distorting elements of Gen VII. Ultra Space was a set of alternate dimensions through which players could travel and find Pokemon-like aliens called Ultra Beasts. In the anime, Ash and friends became Ultra Guardians to protect the world from extra-dimensional threats. Now Pikachu carries the Ultra branding into Gen VIII with its Alola cap code.

Alola cap Pikachu, and all the other caps, are available until November 30.

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