How To Get Registeel In The Crown Tundra

If you’re curious about how to get Registeel in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLC, this is the guide for you. Originally introduced back in Gen 3, Registeel is the iconic giant of steel that could only be captured in O=Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald by solving a complex Braille puzzle. Fortunately, Registeel is a lot easier to find this time around — although you’ll steel need to know what to do.

If you’re on a mission to recruit all of the Regis — as well as the two new ones introduced with the new DLC — this Crown Tundra Registeel guide is the one for you.

Crown Tundra Registeel Guide — How To Get Registeel In The Crown Tundra

Before you even think about catching Registeel in the Crown Tundra, you’ll first need to finish the initial story beats of the new Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC. After arriving at this snowy paradise for all kinds of new Pokemon, you’ll bump into Peony and Peonia. Penoia runs away to a Max Lair, tasking you and Peony with following her.

Once you finish this, Peony will run off to Freezington and invite you along. Head there, go through all of the dialogue, and you’ll be granted several Legendary Clues tied to unique Pokemon in the Crown Tundra — one of these Pokemon is Registeel.

Crown Tundra Registeel Guide — Where To Find Registeel In The Crown Tundra

Once you’ve finished up in Freezington, head straight out and you’ll bump into Sonia. She’ll discuss a pair of mysterious footprints with you, prompting your search for Cobalion.

For Registeel, however, you’ll simply need to head straight forward until the snow turns to grass. On your right will be a massive set of ruins — we’ve attached a screenshot of the location on the map, known as the Giant’s Bed, below to help you out.

Crown Tundra Registeel Guide — Let Ring The Piercing Note That Will Wake The Giant Of Steel

When you try to enter the Giant’s Bed, you’ll be met with the prompt, “Let ring the piercing note that will wake the giant of steel.” All you need to do here is whistle, which you can do by pressing the left analog stick in. Whistle, and the massive doors to the ruins will swing open.

Head on inside and you’ll see a massive statue — but be sure to pick up the Flash Cannon TR to the left of the entrance first. All you need to do here is step on all of the circles to light them up. Once you do that, head up to the statue in front of you and interact with it. This will trigger the battle against Registeel.

Registeel is a pure Steel-type, meaning that it’s weak to Fire, Ground, and Fighting moves. Just be careful not to knock it out — this isn’t a Dynamax battle, so if Registeel faints, it’s gone forever. You need to make sure you get it down to low HP, but don’t deplete it. Once its HP is in the red, throw as many Ultra Balls as it takes until you finally catch it — but don’t use that Master Ball Peony gave you just yet,

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