How To Make A Killing Gets A Second Chance By Winning $1,000 Tired Gamers Re-Launch Scholarship

Tired Gamers recently announced How to Make a Killing has been awarded the Tired Gamers Re-launch Scholarship, giving the video game and its indie studio 0Dark&Nerdy $1,000 and a second chance to make a killing.

How to Make a Killing was originally released in July of this year, and like many indie video games, had the heart and the will, but just didn’t get the full player support it needed to succeed. The devs submitted the game to Tired Gamers, and was chosen for the scholarship from among dozens of other indie game submissions.

As part of its re-launch, Tired Gamers ensured How to Make a Killing received a total marketing makeover with the $1,000 scholarship ad budget. According to the press release, this included “in-game polish, a new cinematic trailer with original illustrations and voiceover, a Steam page makeover, key distribution to streamers and creators.“ On the game’s Steam page, 0Dark&Nerdy also noted the “tweaks to gameplay and the overall game experience”, and added that pre-re-launch players will find the “core game that you know and love is still there.”

It’s tough enough launching an indie video game under normal circumstances, and in the best of times. Sadly, the year 2020 is neither of those, due of course to the COVID-19 global pandemic. In November of this year, Tired Gamers and parent corp Carper Communications launched the Re-launch Scholarship to support and help indie video game developers and publishers make their game a reality in today’s marketplace. The rules for applying for the Scholarship are on the Tired Gamers’ website, along with full info on how it works.

So congratulations to indie 0Dark&Nerdy for being awarded the Tired Gamers Re-launch Scholarship! Now, what’s How to Make a Killing about?

According to the press release and the game’s Steam page, you take on the sneaky and deadly role of an assassin in the town of Hamelin. The town is being menaced by a young necromancer, a little girl, and you’re tasked with putting a stop to her and all her nefarious minions. You’ll be challenged with exploring and dealing with an underground cult, ingenious puzzles, and perhaps the most interesting point, “fields of bloodthirsty and talkative rabbits”.

How to Make a Killing is live on Steam right now with a 50% discount (to $2.49). For more info on the game, visit its website. Click over to the Tired Gamers’ website for more info about it and the Re-launch Scholarship.

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