How To Process Ingredients In Genshin Impact

Ingredients in Genshin Impact do tend to just pop out of nowhere – whether that’s because you’re investigating a sparkling spot in a wagon, or whether it’s vegetables literally springing forth from a deceased enemy. But regardless of how you acquire your grub in Genshin Impact, you’ll find it’s much more difficult to cook complex and beneficial meals unless you know how to process your food. And no, not like a food processor, but turning raw ingredients into more complex ingredients, like turning meat into sausage. You see what I’m trying to get at here.

Processing food is a lot like cooking in Genshin Impact, and it will open you up to even more complex and interesting recipes and foods that you can prepare, especially as you raise your Adventure Rank and gain access to much more complicated and interesting recipes. In this guide, we’re going to go over exactly how you can process food in Genshin Impact, and yes, it’s a very simple process, as long as you have all of the ingredients you need ahead of time.

But of course, this isn’t the only helpful guide we have to set you up with some tasty grub in Genshin Impact – not by a long way. By browsing the many pages of TheGamer you can also find 15 recipes that we recommend you prioritise in Genshin Impact, which has loads of great eats to tingle your in-game tastebuds. If you need more recipes in-game, we also have a handy map that can lead you to all of the recipes you can collect and cook. And finally, if you’re cooking solely for the stat buffs, then you should make sure to take a good hard look at our guide to farm for crabs – trust me, they give the best DPS buffs in the game. And once you’re done with all of that, you can scroll down below for the information you need on processing ingredients in Genshin Impact.

How To Process Food And Ingredients In Genshin Impact

This is actually quite a simple task, and all you need to do to begin is fine a cooking pot. For simplicity, you can always find a cooking pot inside a town like Liyue or Mondstadt, but as you well know there are plenty outside in the wilds that hilichurls and implied to use. There’s one in Liyue, near Ji Tong, and another just outside of Mondstadt. You can use any cooking pot, it doesn’t matter.

Once you’re at the cooking pot, look at the menu on the far left of the screen. The second icon from the top is to process ingredients.

Here you’ll be able to sacrifice raw ingredients you have to create new ingredients. Just like cooking, you might have to go out and stock up on supplies before you get started.

Processing ingredients takes both raw ingredients and time – usually only a few minutes, though. Luckily you do not have to return to the same cooking pot to collect processed ingredients, you can actually go to any cooking pot in the game to pick up your processed ingredients, which is nice.

But as always, you should check vendors and restaurants like Wanmin to try and find more recipes, for both processing your ingredients and so you can cook better food. Good luck cooking up some grub, traveller.

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