How To Solve Rover’s 2021 May Day Maze In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The May Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a special trip to another island, the tour is organized by the one and only Tom Nook. It is only available between April 29th and May 7th.

Our guide will walk you through the maze so you can do everything perfectly without having to call Rescue Services. Scroll down below for how to solve Rozer’s maze and get all the Bell vouchers.

Getting Your Ticket

First, you need to go to the airport and speak to Orville, the Dodo that works at the airport.

As soon as you speak to him, he will tell you that Tom Nook left a May Day Ticket at the airport with your name on it. Now, you can visit the May Day tour island. You can do this immediately or later on if you desire.

To participate in the May Day event, select ‘I wanna fly!’ when Orville asks what you’d like to do next. Then, select ‘Use May Day Ticket’.

Orville will hold on to your belongings because to complete the maze you need to go empty-handed but don’t worry, they’ll hand it all back to you once you return. Once he’s done talking, select ‘Time for takeoff!’.

On The Island

Wilbur will fill you in on the instructions. If you’re ever stuck you can always call Rescue Service using your NookPhone and they will help you find your way back and reset the maze for you.

As soon as you finish talking to Wilbur, you’re officially on your own. Examine your surroundings and do as follows to successfully finish the maze:

  • Pick up the shovel. Then, remove the White-azalea bush on your right so you can collect the fruit.
  • Eat the fruit and dig up the Hardwood tree. Grab the two pieces of regular wood. Then turn right. Jump over the hole and pick up the two fruits on the floor.
  • Go back to where you picked up the wood and now take a left turn. Remove the Pink-azalea bush and jump over the hole to retrieve the softwood and the ladder DIY if you don’t have it already. Eat a piece of fruit and break the rock next to the DIY.

  • Walk forward and jump over the hole to reach the softwood. Collect the softwood, eat your last fruit and remove the Hardwood tree. Jump over the hole that was below the tree and pick up the two fruits on the floor.
  • Walk back to where you were, jump over the hole and return to the area where the ladder DIY was. Jump over the hole again and keep running forward until you reach the area where you found the first two fruits (eastern end).

  • Eat a piece of fruit and break the rock. Grab the fruit, eat it and dig up the Hardwood tree. Grab the hardwood on the floor. Walk north and jump over the hole. Eat the last piece of fruit in your inventory and dig up the tree.

  • Turn left, grab the softwood. Then return to where you were after digging up the tree. Now, turn right. There are two rows of hedges here. Behind each row there is a piece of wood, it is barely visible unless you move your camera so don’t forget to pick it up.

  • After this, jump back over the hole and return to the area you were before. Retrace your steps and return to the area where the ladder DIY was. Behind the pillar with the tool on top, jump over the hole. Go south, then turn left and go up north. Eat your last piece of fruit so you can break the rock and reach the hardwood.
  • You can now use the crafting table to make yourself a ladder. Craft a ladder. Go up the pillar you found earlier and grab the Worn Axe on top. Climb down and go back to the area with the two hedge rows.

  • Walk behind the first row, jump over the hole, and, with your Axe, cut down the tree. The axe will break. Sit on the stump, turn yourself around and stand up, now on the other side of the tree. With the ladder, climb up to grab the two fruits and return to where you were.
  • Stand in front of the first hedge row. Go left, jump over the hole, go around the hedge in the middle and jump back over the hole and the other two so you can go up north. Eat another fruit and dig up the tree.
  • Speak to Rover if you’re gone to receive your reward the next day or keep going and collect the Bell vouchers.

Bell Vouchers

If you want to collect the Bell vouchers hidden in the maze, here’s how you can do it:

  • Climb the area where Rover is and climb back down through the left, between the Pink-azalea and the White-azalea bush. Now, on your left, remove the White-azalea bush and walk down to retrieve the four Bell Vouchers.
  • Go up and walk west along the rocky surface until you reach the rock between the hedges. Eat a piece of fruit and break it. Pick up the two fruits.

  • Leave that area, go left and walk alongside the beach. There are three rocks that need to be broken in order to reach the other five Bell Vouchers so you will need to collect more fruit since you only have two in your inventory.
  • Dig up the Pink-azalea bush near the island entrance and jump over the hole, then dig up the White-azalea bush. Re-do the path that leads you to the crafting table. Walk up eat the fruit in your inventory and dig up the two Hardwood trees. You can now reach the last three fruits.
  • Pick up the fruit and then climb back down through the right. Remove the Pink-azalea bush and walk back to the three rocks which you can break and get the last five vouchers!

Speak To Rover

Once you’re done, speak to Rover. He will send you a little something in the mail the following as a reward for participating in the event.

In case you didn’t grab all the Vouchers or made a mistake, you can call Rescue Services at any time on your NookPhone and redo the maze. The Bell vouchers you collected while completing the maze will be sent to your mailbox.

Speak to Wilbur whenever you’re to head back to your island. Be warned that you can’t go back to the May Day Tour so be absolutely sure when you confirm that you want to leave.

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