How To Unlock The Age Of The Stars Ending In Elden Ring

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The Elden Ring Age of Stars ending is one of the game’s six finales and the third with an achievement attached to it. However, the requirements are also some of the most taxing in Elden Ring, sending you into the bowels of The Lands Between and pitting you against multiple challenging bosses.

Your reward, aside from the ending, is a glimpse at the heart of Elden Ring’s lore and what happened during The Shattering, along with a unique sword, some excellent armor, and a powerful spell. Here's everything you need to know.

Spoilers for Ranni's quest and Elden Ring's end-game bosses follow.

How To Get Age Of Stars Ending

The Age of Stars ending is tied to Ranni’s quest, though you get no Rune of Mending for completing it. Instead of using a Rune after defeating Radagon and the Elden Beast, you’ll summon Ranni at the Fractured Marika statue. She’ll appear, deem you her consort, and usher in a new age governed by the moon, which most fans believe is an Outer God that rivals the Greater Will.

Ranni’s quest is one of Elden Ring’s most involved and challenging questlines, spanning almost the entirety of the game. TheGamer’s Ranni quest guide covers how to complete it in detail, but here’s the gist of what to expect.

Starting Ranni’s Quest

Ranni’s quest begins when you first speak with her in Ranni’s Rise, though there are a number of important points to keep in mind before starting. Ranni’s Rise is behind Caria Manor in northern Liurnia. The Manor itself is full of powerful enemies, including hand spiders – use fire for these – and ghostly soldiers. At the end is the Royal Knight Loretta boss fight.

If you check your map, Ranni’s Rise is the tower in the middle of Seluvis' Rise and Renna's Rise. Glintstone Dragon Adula is prowling around outside. You can go ahead and engage Adula in combat now, but when her health drops to roughly 50 percent, she retreats to the plateau in southern Liurnia – which you can’t reach until near the end of Ranni’s quest.

Ranni should be at the top of the tower, but she may not be under a few conditions. If you already reached Altus Plateau or if you arrived at Redmane Castle and began the festival there, Ranni won’t be at Ranni’s Rise. The only way to make her reappear is by defeating Starscourge Radahn. Doing this skips the first part of Ranni’s quest and most of Blaidd’s quest, though you don’t miss much in the process.

Another important point is tied to Rogier. If you speak to Ranni before Rogier sends you to her during his quest, Rogier will die. That means, aside from Rogier’s death, you miss out on a bit of lore tied to Ranni and The Shattering. You can technically start Ranni’s quest as part of Rogier’s, and he’ll sink into a deep sleep instead of dying.

How To Reach Nokron, Eternal City

The next step takes you to Nokron, which is only accessible after the meteor crashes into Limgrave following Radahn’s death. The meteor landing site is south of the Siofra River elevator in Mistwood. Nokron is essentially Siofra 2.0, complete with powerful warriors lurking in the woods and even its own undead deer boss.

It also houses a Crucible Knight and the Mimic Tear, so take some time to explore while you’re here. Just make sure you have an upgraded weapon and are at least level 70, preferably higher.

After this point, you’ll head to Ainsel River and the deadly Lake of Rot, where you’ll fight the powerful boss Astel. Ranni’s quest ends shortly afterward. You’ll receive the Moonlight Greatsword and Ranni’s Dark Moon sorcery, and if you go back to Ranni’s Rise, you’re greeted by a violent Blaidd. There’s no way to avoid fighting Blaidd here, but he’ll drop his sword and the Blaidd set after your victory.

Complete the game as normal, then summon Ranni by interacting with the blue glowing area near Fractured Marika to unlock the Age of Stars ending.

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