How You Can Claim 10 Free QubicGames Titles On Nintendo Switch This Month

QubicGames is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary and will be giving away games on the Nintendo eShop as part of a new promotion. There is a way to get around the requirements of the promotion and claim the games for free.

QubicGames is an indie developer and publisher that releases games on multiple platforms. The QubicGames library of titles includes games like Mana Spark, REKT, Rimelands: Hammer of Thor, Akane, and Brawl. The company is holding a special promotion on the Nintendo eShop that involves owning one of their games in order to claim ten other ones.

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The details of the ten free games promotion have been outlined in a new video on the QubicGames YouTube channel. If the player owns a QubicGames title, then they can claim Robotnauts for free from December 10-15. The player then has a day to claim each of the remaining games as they become available. Geki Yaba Runner will be available on December 16, Puzzle Book on December 17, One Strike on December 18, Wreckin’ Ball Adventure on December 19, Koloro on December 20, #RaceDieRun on December 21, REKT on December 22, Mana Spark on December 23, and a mystery game on December 24. The player needs to claim all of the games in a row and cannot skip any of them.

The QubicGames titles have gone on sale many times on the Nintendo eShop, so it’s possible that the player will already own a title that will make them eligible for the promotion. For those who don’t own one, though, there is an easy workaround.

There is a game on the Nintendo eShop called Coloring Book, which is a free QubicGames title. If the player downloads Coloring Book, then they can download Robonauts straight away and will become eligible for the remaining games as they go online.

QubicGames has produced some quality games over the years and there is no reason why Nintendo Switch owners shouldn’t make the most of the latest promotion in order to claim gems like Mana Spark and REKT while they are free.

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