Hozier Makes His Video Game Music Debut With Original Song For God Of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok is now available across the globe and players have started their journey to survive the end of the world by all means necessary. Unsurprisingly, the game also received glowing reviews from critics across the gaming industry and was deemed a worthy sequel. Now, on the occasion of the game’s launch, Santa Monica has revealed that it contains an original song composed by popular artist Hozier.

In conversation with Consequence, Hozier revealed that it is his first time making music for a video game. Here, it is in the form of an original song called “Blood Upon the Snow." Considering Hozier’s previous work is inspired by themes of nature, culture, and religion, the song also contains traces of the same with assistance from the Santa Monica team.

However, despite having great assistance from Ragnarok’s music composer Bear McCreary and director Eric Williams, Hozier didn't get to play the game beforehand. “Sadly, I didn’t get a chance — I would have loved to, but didn’t get a chance to sit down and play the game”. He also mentioned how he has always been interested in the "digital arts" as a medium and expressed his desire to make more songs or score music for movies going forward.

Bear McCreary is the man responsible for Ragnarok’s mesmerizing music, and his expertise is not just limited to this. He has also composed music for the recently concluded Season 1 of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and many other notable Hollywood projects. His experience in the high fantasy genre, clubbed with Hozier’s eventually gave birth the Blood Upon the Snow, which is an absolute banger.

Santa Monica has ensured that Ragnarok is in touch with its Norse roots, but they might’ve gone a step further for the game’s launch. A report noted that the launch day, i.e. November 9, is the day the “Blood Moon” appears, which is also when Ragnarok begins in the mythos. Considering this, along with the game’s critically acclaimed gameplay and story, it is no surprise that it is being deemed as GOTY material already.

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