Icarus: Guide To Farming Credits

There are two types of currency that you will come across while playing Icarus. The yellow currency is similar to regular money that you earn after completing a prospect, while the purple currency is a type of exotic material that must be mined directly on the planet.

In this guide, we are going to go over how to farm the yellow currency, which we will be calling credits. Credits are needed to unlock the blueprints for several exotic items on the workshop technology tree, so it's important to always have credits on hand. First, let's take a look at quick prospects you can complete to get credits.

Quick Prospects To Earn Credits

If you are looking to earn credits quickly, check out Strange Harvest Bio-Research. This is the third prospect that you will unlock, after the tutorial and Livewire Terrain Scan.

Overall, this prospect requires you to travel around the map and take samples from three different flowers. The flowers will be in the locations listed below.

Flower 1Center of J-14

  • this refers to the grid box on the menu
Flower 2Upper lefthand corner of L-14
Flower 3Middle/left side of L-12

This prospect does not require you to engage in any combat, however, it's likely that you will run into a dangerous creature, such as a bear. If this happens, you can either stealthily run away, or attempt to kill the creature. As with any creature in Icarus, you should only engage in combat if you have the necessary weapons and protection.

If you move quickly, you can complete this prospect in around 10 to 15 minutes, resulting in 50 credits. This is not the most amount of credits, but after doing this prospect a few times you will get the hang of it and easily earn more credits.

High-Paying Prospects

In general, most prospects will reward you with around 100 to 200 credits. If you are looking to farm credits on one of these longer prospects, try to pick one that you know already. For example, the Livewire Terrain Scan prospect will reward you with 100 credits. This is the first real prospect that you will embark on, and it involves placing three radar scanners at marked locations. The first time you do this prospect, it may be a bit difficult, but if you have been playing for a while and are at a higher level, you can definitely go back and easily complete this prospect.

While completing the Livewire Terrain Scan, you will come across creatures at each radar location. These creatures are quite dangerous and can kill you if you are not careful; be sure to bring plenty of food, healing items, and weapons. Below, you can check out the obstacles you will face during each objective.

ObjectiveCreatures Present
Scan 12 Bears
Scan 24 Wolves
Scan 32 Cougars

Deep Vein Extraction

The Deep Vein Extraction prospect tasks you with finding an exotic order deposit and mining for exotic material. This is a very simple prospect that will reward you with 150 credits, as well as up to 32 exotics. Although you need to deliver exotics to the dropship, you will be able to keep any extras that you have found. This prospect can be repeated as often as you like, rewarding you with credits and exotic material each time.

Once you land on Icarus, you will need to travel to the marked location, which is in the arctic biome. Here, you just need to mine some exotic ore and deliver it back to your dropship. There are several other exotic ore nodes that you can harvest from as well. Overall, this mission should not be too hard; you will just need to prepare to enter into the harsh temperatures of the arctic biome.

Spending Credits

Lastly, let's take a quick look at spending your credits. From your orbiter, you can check out the workshop menu. Here, you will see a tree of items that can be unlocked. You will use credits to unlock many of these items, as well as exotic material to unlock the more advanced items.

Once you spend credits to unlock an item, you will not have to unlock it again. Rather than using materials to make the item, you will spend additional credits to make it again. For example, if you spend credits to unlock and build a pickaxe, you will need to spend credits again if it breaks. Thankfully, these items are incredibly sturdy and do not break that easily, so you don't have to worry about constantly spending credits.

That's all there is to know about farming credits in Icarus! Be sure to check out the workshop next time you finish a prospect.

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