Icebox, Sage’s Wall Receive Updates in VALORANT Patch 1.14

Riot has released the patch notes for VALORANT patch 1.14, which hits live servers today. Sage is the only agent to receive any changes, undergoing an update to her Barrier Orb wall. Icebox, the game’s newest map, has received many changes to the height of certain structures, mostly around the A bombsite.

Sage, VALORANT’s powerful healer, has received many nerfs in the last few months. Today’s update targets her Barrier Orb wall, one of the most effective abilities at stopping enemies in their tracks. As revealed last week, Sage can no longer cast her wall before the round begins due to an exploit involving the ability and Omen’s teleport.

The wall has received a bit of a buff, as a fortified wall will no longer lose health over time. Sage’s wall becomes “fortified” three seconds after it is formed, doubling its HP from 400 to 800. Successfully fortified walls will now only start to lose health a few seconds before they expire.

Icebox has undergone a number of verticality updates in patch 1.14. First, the A Belt area has been significantly reduced in height, and a ramp has been added to the lower platform. This will make it easier for attackers to approach the site, as they won’t have to make noise jumping down from the higher platform.

A gate has been added on ground level right below the A Belt platform, preventing players from wrapping around the zip line structure outside A site. The corner on the right side entrance to A site has now been altered to an angle, making it easier to clear on site takes and retakes. The double boxes structure in the middle of A site has been lowered, as has the shipping crate stack outside B site.

A 5v5 Deathmatch snowball fight game mode will be added on December 15th, offering power-up “gifts” similar to Spike Rush. According to the patch notes, Killjoy has modified Brimstone’s molotov launcher, now allowing it to shoot infinite snowballs. Snowball fight players will be gifted an exclusive gun buddy at a later date.

An additional update has made it a requirement to win 10 matches to unlock competitive mode, as opposed to the previous play 20 matches rule. This has been implemented in an effort to combat smurfs and game throwers who are just trying to unlock ranked mode.

VALORANT patch 1.14 is available now.

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