Iconic PlayStation booting up sound was designed for specific console purpose

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    Remember that sound your PlayStation made when you turned it on?

    That ambient, iconic sound that denoted the start of a whole new gaming session?

    Well, it turns out it was more than just a nice sound – it actually served a purpose!

    Aside from being one of the most recognisable audio sequences in the history of gaming, that little audio sample was specifically designed to check the 'health' of your console when it booted up.

    “The function of this sound is to tell the user that the hardware is running like it is supposed to, and that the disc has successfully been read,” composer Takafumi Fujisawa told Game Informer.

    “To add, the swooshing reverse sound [in the PSone sequence] is designed so that it can go into loop if the disc couldn’t be read, and we can understand if something went wrong.”

    Despite being designed to be a technically viable tool, the composer also noted he wanted to make it as aesthetically-pleasing as possible too.

    "I thought of the structure, selected the tones, and gathered the instruments in two weeks, and the studio work was done essentially in two days.

    "I kept thinking from the start that I wanted the sound image to be something exciting, like that feeling when you walk into a cinema. I really wanted to communicate and reinforce that something fun is going to happen."

    And it worked – that sound has become one of the most notable and famous in all of gaming and still manages to evoke an emotional reaction in players to this day.

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