If You Use Mabel’s Amiibo In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise, She Brings Her Sisters

Happy Home Paradise, the recent DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, has been out for almost a month and people are still uncovering all it has to offer. The DLC allows players to take on the role of a home designer, as they create vacation homes to fit specific themes on an all-new archipelago. As part of the fun, you can also invite your favorite villagers to the game through the Switch’s amiibo functionality. Some villagers even bring along some additional characters to join in on the fun.

Over on Reddit, user ahuie19 discovered an interesting feature with the Mabel amiibo. When she is invited to Happy Home Paradise, Mabel will bring along her sisters, Sable and Labelle. She is not the only villager to bring along some guests either. According to the comments under the initial post, the same thing will occur when using anyone from the Kapp’n family, and the Daisy Mae amiibo will add Joan to the island.

Of course, to get the ability to add amiibo-specific characters players will need to unlock the amiibo scanner in the Paradise Planning office. The scanner will become available once a player has completely designed seven vacation homes, not including the first facility design. Once unlocked, players can then scan Animal Crossing amiibo figurines or cards to bring villagers to the island. Plus, if the villager you want to bring has lived on your island before, they will recognize you when you talk to them.

Unfortunately, the Happy Home Paradise DLC will likely be the only paid add-on for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The recent 2.0 patch will be the last major update for the popular simulation and crafting game. However, both the update and DLC offer plenty to keep Animal Crossing fans busy for a while, including the new vacation home creation system and Brewster’s coffee shop. Plus, this new amiibo implementation is a great excuse for players to start stocking up on those figures and card packs.

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