In Death: Unchained On Quest 2 Displays 'Whole World At Once'

Today In Death: Unchained developer Superbright announced that its upcoming Quest 2 enhancement update for the popular VR roguelike will render the “whole world at once” in-game dramatically improving draw distance in addition to several other upgrades and optimizations. The update is coming later this month, but there’s no specific date yet.

In Death is a VR roguelike in which you play through a repeating gauntlet of levels in the afterlife battling all manner of unholy enemies across a citadel in the sky. Eventually you’ll progress deeper into later environments that up the difficulty even further. It’s an ever-changing world though, because each time you die your progress unlocks new modifiers and changes to the layout, enemy types, and items found within ensuring that no two runs are ever the same.

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In Death: Unchained Quest 2 Enhancements

You can see two great examples of the improvements made in the images above. Notably, the draw distance is dramatically improved. Since you primarily use ranged weapons such as your bow and arrow or crossbow, being able to see further, and more clearly, is crucial. That could significantly improve the playability of an already great game.

According to a press release from the company, Superbright developed the game using a “heavily modified” Unreal Engine and the Quest 2 version will soon have special “upgrades and optomizations” not possible on Quest 1 hardware. Specifically, the press release mentions the ability to “display the game’s whole world at once” explaining the improvements to draw distance, as well as “additional visual elements” filling out the world. There is also mention of “sharper visuals, increased comfort, and smoother gameplay” as well.

You can read or watch our full review of the game as it was at launched on Quest 1 back in July, 2020 right here or down below:

In Death was already one of the best looking games on Quest, so we’re excited to see how it looks once the new update rolls out for Quest 2 later this month. Superbright is also working on new DLC that’s planned to launch in November.

Let us know what you think down in the comments below and check out our list of the best VR roguelikes here for more recommendations, or read our review for Until You Fall on Quest for another roguelike available on Quest specifically.

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