Insider Claims Bethesda’s Indiana Jones Isn’t An Xbox Exclusive

An insider has claimed that MachineGames' Indiana Jones won't be an Xbox exclusive.

Back in 2020, a new Indiana Jones game from the team behind the recent Wolfenstein titles was randomly announced at the start of the year. The short teaser didn't given anything about the game away, but it was planned to be multiplatform at the time, something that was assumed to have changed a year later when Xbox ended up buying Bethesda and MachineGames.

Although many assumed this would make Indiana Jones an Xbox exclusive when it released, gaming insider and Windows Central reporter Jez Corden has claimed that isn't the case. Corden spoke about the subject on his Xbox Two podcast, where one viewer asks him about the game's status as an exclusive.

When asked about it, Corden said, "I pretty much know it isn't (an Xbox exclusive)". Rand al Thor 19 then says that Corden has "waffled" on the subject before and didn't seem to know for certain, to which Corden says "the only information I've had about Indiana Jones is that it wasn't exclusive". Corden then admits that "that was a long time ago, maybe something's changed".

Corden later replied to a Twitter user about the subject, saying, "last year** I heard** and plans may have changed** (but I don't expect they have)" and "would be good for X to get a licensed exclusive. but I dont think it's this one, but could be wrong".

Although Corden still seems pretty sure that Indiana Jones will be multiplatform, it's possible that things have changed behind the scenes and that Xbox have decided to make Indiana Jones an exclusive. Aside from the fact that it was announced as a multiplatform game, there's no real reason why Indiana Jones should stick to all platforms, as Bethesda has made all of its other releases Xbox exclusive since the acquisition.

Whatever the case, we'll likely get our first look at Indiana Jones at the upcoming Xbox and Bethesda showcase in just over a week.

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