Insider Claims God Of War Ragnarok Will Feature 11 Different Factions

Very early on in 2018's God Of War, Kratos and Atreus touch on the topic of Ragnarok. Well, the time has almost come. God Of War Ragnarok will launch on November 9, raining down chaos on the nine realms when it arrives. According to a new report about the sequel, there will be 11 different factions doing their level best to avoid annihilation throughout Ragnarok next month.

Insider Gaming has revealed the number of factions that will be doing battle in Ragnarok, listing their names, qualities, and where you will be most likely to find them on your journey. Ethereal are ghosts you could bump into throughout any of the nine realms, and Nelwalkers are pretty similar. Reanimated corpses those of you who have played the first game will recognize after visiting the chilling realm of the dead, Helheim.

While some factions will hopefully side with Kratos and Atreus, the beings that pose the biggest threat to the father and son team will be the Aesir, the collective name for the Norse gods. While you will have clashed with some in the first game, Ragnarok will pose new, far more daunting challenges. An already confirmed battle with Thor, and perhaps even a showdown with Odin himself.

Among the other factions you will be reacquainted with or meet for the first time are Dwarves, Elves, Jotnar, and Vanir. A lot of different factions to fit in, and we potentially discovered how many hours they will be squeezed into this week. Apparently, Ragnarok will be 40 hours long. 20 hours for its story, and the same amount of time again for its side quests. Four and half hours of that will be made up of cutscenes, pointing to a pretty rich story that is now just waiting to be told.

Along with the 11 factions across its nine realms, Ragnarok will feature decapitation and quite a few curse words. Odd details to pinpoint that were revealed via the game's ESRB rating this week.

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