Insider Reports Horizon Show Will Be Called 2074

There are so many video games getting TV and movie adaptations, it's hard to keep track. One that has fallen under the radar somewhat is the Horizon show coming to Netflix, largely because very little is known about it. That is now starting to change, however, as the name of the show, some of the people working on it, and its premise have been partially revealed.

Industry insider Jeff Grubb claims the show will be called Horizon 2074, presumably the year in which the adaptation will be set. Or at least one of its timelines. Grubb has also reported the show will take place across two different timelines, one roughly at the same time as the games are set, so 1000 years into the future, and another detailing when the world starts to fall apart. Potentially 2074 if the name is anything to go by.

In addition to its name and premise, Grubb also highlighted that a list of people working on the show has been made public via the Director's Guild of Canada Ontario's website. Two of the more notable names attached to the project are first assistant director Jack Boem, who has worked on Amazon's The Boys, and art director Michele Brady of Saw 2 and The Expanse fame.

Rather than the faithful remake HBO's The Last Of Us appears to be, it's believed Horizon 2074 will be a reimagining of the events that have happened across Zero Dawn and Forbidden West. Presumably just the first game for now, although since the show won't necessarily follow Aloy in a linear fashion, there's a chance elements from both games find their way into Horizon 2074's first season.

As noted above, a number of games are getting the adaptation treatment right now, and Sony is very much at the forefront of that. Twisted Metal, God of War, and Gran Turismo have also been confirmed to be among the many games from PlayStation Studios being adapted for a different medium. Outside of the Sony bubble, Netflix also has a BioShock movie coming its way in the future, though the finer details of that project are yet to be revealed.

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