Ion Fury Is Getting A Bombshell Of An Expansion Next Year

Capping off the inaugural Realms Deep 2020, publisher 3D Realms and developer Voidpoint announced that its 2019 retro shooter Ion Fury would be receiving a new expansion pack next year. Currently untitled, the expansion will see the return of Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison and her arsenal of kickass guns and explosives.

The minute-long trailer shows off some of the new environments that Shelly will be traveling to and they just ooze that certain Build Engine charm. For those unfamiliar, the main Ion Fury game is built off of the technology that powered classic shooters such as Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, and Blood. It uses a heavily modified and modernized version of said engine, but it’s still bound to most of the limitations of 90s tech.

As you can see, those buildings are most definitely angular and boxy. The same goes for enemies, which are created with sprites. It’s the kind of stuff that the mainstream games industry has left behind, but that a certain set of old-school fans can’t get enough of. It came together well in the main game, only let down by some pacing issues towards the end of the campaign.

The story of this expansion will obviously be shorter, so that could lend itself to an incredible new set of levels. The expansion is already tackling different environments, so I can’t wait to see what Ion Fury has in store. Now we just need to hope and pray that the success of this retro shooter can get Duke Nukem back in the hands of 3D Realms, where he belongs.

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