Is Code Vein Really “Anime Dark Souls”?

Whenever Code Vein comes up in the office and someone pauses and asks, “What game is that again?” I reflexively refer to it as anime Dark Souls and it instantly clicks into place and others remember exactly what I am talking about.

Referring to something as being like Dark Souls has become a joke at this point. It’s comedic shorthand when we want to reference a game being difficult and as a result the comparison, it is often brushed off as being inaccurate. Code Vein has garnered Dark Souls comparisons since its reveal, but just how Dark Souls is it really? Is the comparison inaccurate and unfair? Is the game just hard and dark? Or does it really borrow like From Software’s signature style? We’ve had limited hands-on time with the game in the past, and of course we’ve reference Dark Souls in our own coverage, but the recent online beta (or closed network test, as Bandai Namco referred to it) gave us an opportunity to hone in and really answer the question, how truly Dark Souls is Code Vein?

You can check out the video above to hear intern Blake Woog and me show off some gameplay and talk about its From Software inspirations.

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