It’s Already Too Late To Transfer Your Red Dead Online Stadia Saves

Google shut down Stadia last week, leaving those who used it looking elsewhere to play their games. The closure of Red Dead Online on the platform got a lot of attention during the build to Stadia's shutdown, and while Rockstar allowed players to transfer their saves, if you haven't already done it, you may have missed your chance.

That's according to ItsColourTV. If that handle sounds familiar, it's because Colour is the Red Dead Stadia player who feared losing 6,000 hours of progress when the platform shut down. That didn't happen as prior to the shutdown, Rockstar allowed players to transfer their saves. However, those who thought they'd do that after Stadia shut down have been met with an unwelcome surprise.

Colour shared a back-and-forth between two Red Dead players that happened over the weekend. One of the unnamed players explained they had submitted a ticket to Rockstar asking if it was still possible to transfer their save. After seemingly being given hope in the form of the reveal that it was possible, the player then sent a message on Sunday confirming Rockstar had replied and informed them their Red Dead Stadia account had already been deleted.

Bad news for any of you who had been holding off until after the shutdown. In Google and Rockstar's defense, it seemed implied that when Stadia was eventually shut down, everything, including everyone's save data, would be gone along with it. That's why Rockstar gave Red Dead Online players such an advanced warning about transferring their saves, announcing the news that save files could be moved to an alternative platform three months prior to the shutdown.

There is good news for those of you who have been using Stadia these past few years. Now the platform is defunct, its controllers can be used with other systems. Colour also received a gift bag from Rockstar for their 6,000 hours which was a nice gesture.

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