Jennifer Hale Is Liking Tweets Related To The Bayonetta Voice Acting Allegations, Appears To Be Under NDA

Jennifer Hale, the voice actor replacing Hellena Taylor as Bayonetta in the series' upcoming third entry, has been liking Tweets that indicate that she's seen the allegations put forward by Taylor yesterday, but that she's seemingly under NDA and cannot say anything herself.

Yesterday, Hellena Taylor, who played Bayonetta in the original two games, released a video statement where she revealed that she wasn't returning to voice the character because Nintendo only offered her $4,000 for the role, which is reportedly a very low amount for the title character of the third game in a massive series. Taylor called the offer insulting and urged players to boycott the game and donate their money to charity instead.

In the video, Taylor also directly referenced Jennifer Hale, calling her the "new girl" and saying she has no right to claim Bayonetta to be her character. Although many are waiting for Platinum, Nintendo, or Hale to make some kind of statement, it appears that the whole situation is under NDA and won't be talked about for some time.

However, that hasn't stopped Hale from liking tweets referencing the situation, making it clear that she's aware of the allegations and simply unable to talk about them right now. As pointed out by YongYea, Hale has been liking several Tweets referencing the situation over the past few days, seemingly giving us some insight into what she's thinking. Many of the liked tweets support the idea of an NDA, while another liked Tweet says "Bro go harass platinum about that Hale knew nothing".

Another Tweet liked by Hale says "There must be something between Platinum and Miss Taylor we don't know yet", indicating there's a bit more to the story than what we've heard so far. Although none of these liked Tweets are enough to know much more about the situation, it does show that Hale is both aware of the accusations that have been made against Platinum and Nintendo, and is currently unable to talk about it.

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