Jump Rope Challenge Is Leaving The Eshop On September 30

Earlier this year, Nintendo released the free downloadable game Jump Rope Challenge on the eShop for gamers to enjoy. Made as a test for Nintendo’s developers as they transitioned over to a work from home environment, it always had the awkward caveat of “limited availability” attached to it. Now, we know exactly when that availability will be up.

In a new post over on Nintendo of Japan’s website, the company announced that not only is a brand new update is currently available, but the quirky little title will be leaving the eShop at the end of September. Whether that means 9/30 or not, you won’t have much longer to grab this freebie if you’re interested.

If you aren’t near your Switch console and want to nab Jump Rope Challenge, you can log in on Nintendo’s official website and “buy” the title for your account. This will ensure that you can redownload the title after it gets delisted, not to mention play it right now if you’re home.

Interestingly, I haven’t touched Jump Rope Challenge since downloading it. The idea is really neat, but I tend to use actual equipment when I exercise. Having a digital counterpart isn’t bad and I do like the cute, minimalist art style Nintendo uses here. The recent 1.2.0 update adds a ton of Nintendo themed costumes, so you’re bound to find your favorite character represented.

It’s a real shame that Jump Rope Challenge will be disappearing soon, but use this as your impetus to download the game on your console.

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