King Of Fighters Allstar Makes Its Way West In 2019

King of Fighters Allstar is a side-scrolling RPG that features every character from King of Fighter’s long history. It released in Japan last year, followed shortly by Korea, but developers Netmarble announced today that the mobile action-RPG will make its way to North America, Europe, and Latin America sometime in 2019.

You navigate your character using the touchscreen and have simple three-button controls for attacks as you take down waves of enemies and the occasional boss encounter. Think Streets of Rage but with KoF characters and an RPG progression system.

No more specific release date was given, but it will make its way to iOS and the Google Play Store this year. And while there was no reported price for the game, it is is free in Japan, so it is likely going to retain the same free to play model when it makes its way to the West. 

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