Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Announced For Mobile, Beta Coming This Year

Fans got an avalanche of Kingdom Hearts news today, and it doesn't end with the announcement of a fourth mainline installment. Kingdom Hearts Missing Link was revealed as part of the 20th-anniversary event today, complete with a trailer featuring both cinematics and gameplay.

Missing Link, which looks much more like a console game than a typical Kingdom Hearts mobile title, will be exclusive to iOS and Android. Its closed beta test will start later this year, although this will be limited to certain regions.

Missing Link was the second announcement in the anniversary event. As you can see in the trailer below, its gameplay is incredibly reminiscent of the mainline titles, and is much more graphically impressive than usual mobile tie-ins.

Given the unfamiliar face wielding a keyblade in the trailer, it looks like Missing Link will tell a whole new story. Either that, or we get to create our own character, which many fans will be hoping for, especially given the improved visuals.

There's no specific date for the closed beta test just yet, and we don't even know what regions it will be available in. US and Japan seem like a given, but with any luck, fans across the world will get a chance to try out the new mobile game early. Square Enix has not given us a release date for the final build of the game either – but today's showcase gave us more than enough Kingdom Hearts news to contend with for now.

If this new title and the announcement of a fourth installment weren't enough to get you hyped, the news doesn't end there. Eagle-eyed fans believe they've spotted a hint that Star Wars is finally being brought into the world of Kingdom Hearts, following Disney's acquisition of the franchise back in 2012. This comes from the fact that one of the worlds we see looks like a planet from the series, and might be an intentional hint that Sora will be meeting the cast of the space opera soon enough.

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