Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Beta Impressions Give Details On Customisation And Combat

First impressions shared by lucky Kingdom Hearts fans who have gained access to Missing Link's closed beta test have given us an idea of how combat and character customisation work, among other things.

Despite having been revealed nearly a year ago, we don't know much about how Kingdom Hearts Missing Link works, aside from the brief glimpses of gameplay we received in the trailer and some brief information from interviews in the time since. Thankfully, despite having missed the promised 2022 date, closed beta testing has now begun in Japan, with some images and information having leaked out because of it.

A great roundup of some of the impressions and revealed information was provided by Twitter user aitaikimochi, who compiled the highlights of what's been shared on social media so far. The impressions note that the closed beta test currently doesn't have any story missions, although they are mentioned within the game, alongside the promise of raid battles and bosses. It's also been confirmed that Missing Link feature Jewels, just like in Unchained X, and will have gacha elements. No surprises there.

Some first impressions for Missing Link's character customisation note that it's quite detailed, allowing users to change their clothes, accessories, hairstyle, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, hair colour, eye colour and more, which is impressive considering the swap from Unchained X's 2D art style. Some have also pointed out that Missing Link looks visually on par with a Switch game.

As for the combat, Twitter user Key_Cast notes that there are two Keyblades in the game currently and that the player can switch between them mid-combat, with one focusing on ranged attacks and the other having melee. Shotlocks, as seen in Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 3, will also be present in the game.

Some of the smaller details that have been pointed out by Kingdom Hearts fans is that the version of Dearly Beloved that's used for Missing Link is the same one that was featured in the trailer, as many predicted. It seems that Missing Link will also have a "stained glass" scene, which is presumably a Dive to the Heart sequence.

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