Kingdom Hearts Modder Finally Gives Kairi A Fight Against Master Xehanort

Note: This article contains spoilers for Melody of Memory.

Kingdom Hearts modders Exiblade7 and Luseu have been able to create the fight that many fans wanted but never saw in KH3 – Kairi vs. Master Xehanort.

In the excellent Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC ReMind, Kairi became a playable character and fought alongside Sora. She had her own moveset, and it was adopted in a short boss battle. Now, these modders have been able to bring her back for a data battle against the almighty Master Xehanort.

The video starts rough as the models have to shift from Sora to Kairi. But once it’s all loaded, all of her moves are at your disposal with this mod. She can use Reflect to block against Xehanort’s barrage of attacks and throw her keyblade from afar for a ranged attack. She even has her badass shot lock from ReMind, which has her swoop in and out with orbs of light falling behind the character as she glides away.

For those who are unaware, Kairi officially became a keyblade wielder in KH3 under the tutelage of Merlin. In a time-locked area (think of it as the Hyperbolic Time Chamber from Dragon Ball Z), she alongside Axel (Lea) trained to fight the Seekers of Darkness. Ultimately, they failed to live up to their monumental expectations, and Kairi was all too easily kidnapped and slain in front of Sora. This angered fans who wanted to see the character be anything more than a damsel in distress.

Granted, she does have a brief unplayable encounter with Master Xehanort in Melody of Memory, but she is once again saved by Sora from across a different reality. However, she’s quickly taken down by the master – and it’s not really much of a fight.

Kairi will be training with Master Aqua as she’s once again put on the sidelines after the events of MoM. She insists that she goes in to help Riku at Quadratum in order to find Sora, but the blue-haired boy denied her that opportunity. Maybe Kairi can kick some ass in Kingdom Hearts 4 under Aqua’s training. That seems to be years away, however. There are still many mysteries in the Kingdom Hearts series that need to be answered, like Yozora’s identity and his connection to Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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