Kirby’s Dream Buffet Will Be Served On Nintendo Switch This Summer

Nintendo has just made a lot of people's Tuesdays by revealing a new Kirby game out of nowhere. The reveal trailer for Kirby's Dream Buffet was shared by Nintendo on Twitter and shows off Kirbys of various colors racing through food-themed courses. Best of all, while an exact release date hasn't been confirmed, Kirby fans won't have long to wait to take the new game for a spin as its launching this summer.

The basic premise of the game appears to be pretty simple. Up to four players assume the role of a Kirby and race through obstacle courses made from food to the finish line. Kind of like Fall Guys except intead of being a nameless bean, you're Nintendo's beloved pink puffball. Plus you seem to have the ability to perform some of Kirby's signature moves, like inhaling some of the food and firing it at opponents. Fingers crossed it also includes mouthful mode.

While the trailer makes Dream Buffet look a lot like Fall Guys at first glance, and Kirby's next game may well have been inspired by the battle royale title, it isn't exactly the same. For starters, there won't be 60 Kirbys vying for a crown. It's actually not clear how many people will be able to compete in the same match. While four players can play together offline, Nintendo has confirmed since the reveal that you can go up against "a whole gang of colourful, hungry Kirbys online".

"Kirby’s Dream Buffet finds a gang of Kirbys rolling through a smorgasbord of food-themed stages in four rounds of frantic multiplayer fun," Nintendo writes. Confirmation that Kirbys will be able to use the character's signature copy ability, and that the goal, other than winning the race, will be to collect strawberries and knock your rivals from the stage.

Kirby is having a pretty great 2022 so far. The Forgotten Land launched earlier this year to critical acclaim and great sales numbers. Most wouldn't have been expecting more Kirby this soon after the mascot's latest major title. Dream Buffet launches this summer, joining Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Splatoon 3 in what is quickly becoming a busy few months for Nintendo.

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