Klonoa: Door To Phantomile – Every Vision 1 Collectible

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  • Vision 1-1: Breezegale The Wind Village
  • Vision 1-1: Where To Find All The Phantomilians
  • Vision 1-1: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs
  • Vision 1-1: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones
  • Vision 1-2: Gunston Mine
  • Vision 1-2 Where To Find All The Phantomilians
  • Vision 1-2: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs
  • Vision 1-2: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

Klonoa: Door To Phantomile is the first game in the Klonoa series, and part of the Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series. In Door To Phantomile, there are a number of "visions". These visions contain two stages and a boss battle. Our primary focus in this guide is to lead you to each collectible found in the first vision.

The most noteworthy collectibles are the aptly named Phantomilians; however, there are also the Dream Stones and the Ngapoko Eggs (which sort of act as treasure chests). Our goal is to give you everything you need to locate all these hidden objects scattered throughout the first two stages.

Vision 1-1: Breezegale The Wind Village

This stage is basically your tutorial level. It doesn't offer a particularly stiff challenge and can be conquered without too much effort. However, we will cover all the basics and make sure you don't miss anything along the way.

Vision 1-1: Where To Find All The Phantomilians

The first Phantomilian (1/6) you will encounter in this stage is sitting inside a bubble on the other side of the bridge. This one essentially exists to introduce you to the collectible. The first fan you will encounter has a Phantomilian (2/6) floating off to the left of it. To get this one, you are going to need to grab a nearby enemy, jump on the fan, and throw the enemy at the bubble.

Once you reach the stage's end, you will see another Phantomilian (3/6) hovering above the stage's exit. In order to get this one, you simply need to grab any of the nearby enemies and do a hop jump up toward it. After talking to Balue, you will exit his tower and shortly after see two paths: one that goes up and one that goes down. Grab an enemy and jump to the uppermost path. From there, you will see another Phantomilian (4/6) floating to your right. Just jump over and grab 'em. Now, follow that uppermost path.

At some point, you will reach an elevator. The next Phantomilian (5/6) is found hovering to the right partway up that elevator. Just hit them with your Wind Ring and you will now be one Phantomilian away from getting all six. The last Phantomilian (6/6) is simply found on the main path. They are nigh unmissable. With that, you should now have them all.

Vision 1-1: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs

There is only a single Ngapoko Egg in this stage. It is right at the beginning of the level and exists to make you aware of their existence. In order to acquire it, just grab a nearby enemy and toss them toward the egg hovering in the background. You will be rewarded with a Dream Stone diamond.

Vision 1-1: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

This stage doesn't have much in the way of tricky Dream Stones. Just make sure that you take the alternative route at the midway point, or you will miss a bunch. There are a couple sitting out of reach, but they are all in plain sight and simply require that you use an enemy to jump up to grab them.

The trickiest section is with the Mirror Fairy at the end of the stage. There timing for this is relatively tight. So, you want to jump into the fairy, hit them, and land on the very first stone. The hold left and don't let go. Klonoa does build momentum, and you will need to be going at a full sprint in order to reach the very last Dream Stone in the line.

Vision 1-2: Gunston Mine

This stage will take you through a seemingly abandoned mineshaft. It has some tricky, puzzle-esque, alternate areas and a few headaches for Dream Stone chasing enthusiasts. Worry not, we should be able to give you all the info you need to get your grubby hands on every last collectible contained within.

Vision 1-2 Where To Find All The Phantomilians

The first Phantomilian is to your left when you begin the stage. Of course, you won't be able to hop up there, that would be too easy. Instead, you are going to travel to the right. Once you see the first pit, jump down. This is this stage's first hidden area. Travel along to the left. Once you see the airstream, hop onto it, and it will carry you to the platform that holds the first Phantomilian (1/6). Now jump down and you will be back on the main route again.

The next Phantomilian (2/6) is trapped in an egg stuck in the foreground. You will find this egg just before you hit the exit to the first section of the stage. You should see it pretty clearly, as it is bobbing in front of the camera. Just grab a nearby enemy and throw them toward the screen to release this Phantomilian. While traveling through the section of the stage following the mining cart segment, as a matter of course you will come upon the third Phantomilian (3/6) en route to this stage's exit. A fan will lift your right up to the ledge that holds it.

As you progress through the stage, you will find an optional cave that you can enter. There is a Phantomilian (4/6) in the back corner of this cave. Though, if you are looking to get all the Dream Stones as well, think before you dive in and grab it. Leave the cave and continue through this section of the stage until you enter into the fourth section (which is another cave segment).

Instead of knocking down the pillar and continuing on with the stage, travel along the lower route. There will be a Ngapoko Egg in the background here, throw an enemy at it to release another Phantomilian (5/6). Now continue down the alternate path until it loops back around, knock down that pillar, and head toward the level's exit. Just before you reach said exit, the final Phantomilian (6/6) will be floating high up in the air. Grab one of the nearby enemies and hop up to grab it. That should be all six!

Vision 1-2: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs

The first Ngapoko Egg you can lay claim to will be on the primary stretch of the third section of the stage. Just throw an enemy at it, and you will claim to a heart piece. The second Ngapoko egg is invisible; thankfully, it is conveniently outlined by Dream Stones. The third Ngapoko Egg is found on the alternate route. It is hovering in the background, it contains a Phantomilian. Nothing too tough, here.

Vision 1-2: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

When it comes to claiming all the Dream Stones, there are three segments that may cause you problems. Firstly, at the very beginning of the stage, drop down the first pit to enter into an alternate area. There is one of those Mirror Fairies down here. This one will require that you free them, then grab a nearby enemy to propel yourself upward to grab all the Dream Stones. The timing doesn't feel too tight on this one.

The next area that could potentially give you issues is the mine cart segment. While none of the Dream Stones are particularly hard to get, this segment is unrepeatable, so if you miss one of your jumps, you will need to replay the level again. Thankfully, this segment is pretty close to the beginning of the stage.

Lastly, in the optional cave area, the Mirror Fairy is hidden behind all the Dream Stones. So, instead of freeing the fairy with your wind ring, you are going to grab a nearby enemy and toss them at the fairy. Once she is free, you will need to grab the bird enemy and use them to jump up high and claim the out-of-reach Dream Stones.

Beyond those three areas, just make sure you don't skip the alternate route in the final section of this stage. This area is found by traveling along the lower route in the section with the pillar you knock over.

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