Kongregate Adds Three Titles From Disney And Pixar Games To Its Mobile Roster

Kongregate has announced the addition of three popular mobile titles from Disney and Pixar Games to its ever-growing iOS and Android lineup. Maleficent Free Fall, Inside Out Thought Bubbles, and Where’s My Water? 2 are becoming part of the Kongregate family and will receive new content and in-game events to keep their communities thriving.

Combined, the three games have pulled in over 224 million downloads – Where’s My Water? 2 even landed an Editor’s Choice award on the App Store. “We’re extremely excited to work with Disney and Pixar Games to bring such a diverse mix of titles – match-3, bubble-shooter, and a physics-based puzzle game – into our growing portfolio of games,” said Patrick Moran, General Manager of Tonic, Kongregate’s live operations focused studio. “Each game boasts a strong, loyal fan base that we want to continue to engage with new content, more live events, and continued focus.”

While the games aren’t officially under the Kongregate umbrella just yet, we can expect to see them slowly shift hands in the coming months. By early 2021, they’ll be fully run by their new company. The goal of all parties involved is to “ensure the transition process will be seamless for players.”

Kongregate is no stranger to acquisitions, especially when it comes to popular – but aging – titles. It’s already found success with surviv.io, a game it recently acquired that’s more than three years old, and it’s hoping to do more of the same with these casual titles from Disney and Pixar Games. All three, however, are much older than surviv.io, with the most recent one (Inside Out Thought Bubbles) launching in 2015.

“Kongregate is in a unique position to reintroduce and expand the reach of these hugely successful games to an ever wider audience of players. We’ve built a diverse team through our growing first party game development studios and through our legacy mobile publishing business. Our teams are experts at marketing and supporting games from a wide range of genres,” said Jan Steglich, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Kongregate. “We’ve already shown success taking over mature titles with our work on surviv.io, and are excited to add these new titles to our portfolio and expand our genre expertise across the organization.”

All three titles are currently available for download on iOS and Android.

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