Latest Fortnite Update Hints At Dragon Ball Crossover

Fortnite's latest update contains a Capsule Corp model that hints at a Dragon Ball crossover of some kind.

Earlier today, Fortnite's latest update dropped, changing several things around the island such as vaulting specific weapons, adding Indiana Jones into the game as a battle pass reward, and changing several locations around The Island. It also seems to have added files that hint at the future of Fortnite as well.

Reliable Fortnite leaker Hypex shared an image on their Twitter of a stamina prop left in the game's Creative mode. The prop is a blue capsule that looks exactly like the type found within Dragon Ball, including having the Capsule Corp logo. Not only that, but the capsule looks to have a cel-shading style applied to it, similar to how Naruto and other anime characters have been presented in-game.

Alongside the image, Hypex said, "POSSIBLE DRAGON BALL Z x FORTNITE COLLAB! Epic added a new Creative Stamina Prop this update that looks exactly like Capsule Corp from DBZ, and this prop also has outlines like the anime cosmetics!"

Hypex also pointed out that a Dragon Ball crossover could happen alongside the new Dragon Ball movie coming out this summer, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, "The Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z collab could happen around early August as the new movie releases on August 19th in the US & Canada."

Another trusted Fortnite leaker, Shiina, also discussed the possibility of a Dragon Ball crossover of some kind, sharing the image of the capsule and saying, "Last year, I was made aware of a possible Dragon Ball collaboration in Fortnite, but until today, there hasn't been much news about it, so I thought it was cancelled."

Goku is one of many characters who has made several appearances in the annual Fortnite character survey sheets, alongside Peter Griffin. Considering Naruto was recently added to the game and proved popular enough to have two rounds of characters, it's no surprise to see more anime characters making their way over to Fortnite.

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