League Of Legends Player Receives Unobtainable Skin After Unlocking All Others

League Of Legends is one of many games you can play in which a seemingly endless number of skins is available to unlock, whether through gameplay or buying them in the store. However, one League player has achieved what some might have once thought impossible. They own absolutely every skin the game has to offer.

The diehard League Of Legends fan is called Alaskan_Lost, and their incredible achievement, plus what came next, was first covered by PCGamesN. For those unfamiliar with League's in-game store, usually if you own everything on offer, the player will be presented with the option to buy the Golden Alistar skin. However, as Alaskan_Lost recently discovered, if you already own the Golden Alistar skin, League's in-game store doesn't know what to do.

When Alaskan_Lost's shop refreshed, since there was nothing else to display, they were met with a reload symbol. The player was advised to get in touch with League developer Riot, shortly after which the studio supposedly responded with an intriguing one-time offer. The chance to unlock an otherwise unattainable skin, but just this once, and Alaskan_Lost had a tough decision to make.

Apparently, Riot's reply read “ONE TIME AND ONLY FOREVER ONE TIME” and included a list of very rare skins for the dedicated player to choose from. Seven of them in total made up of skins that were exclusive to players who attended events that have long passed, and others that were available in-game for a limited time never to return. Alaskan_Lost opted for the PAX Twisted Fate skin. The look was only available to those who attended the event all the way back in 2009.

While Alaskan_Lost loves Twisted Fate, they've also admitted they hate the skin. Clearly, the seven on offer weren't all that great if they opted for one they didn't like. It will be more of a statement piece than one they wear that looks good should they ever use it in-game. As for accomplishing this feat in any other game, new skins come to Fortnite and Fall Guys at such a pace, it would probably be impossible to get them all even if Epic stopped adding them today.

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