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Occasionally in League Of Legends, champions will receive a rework, especially if they possess an old, outdated ability kit. Udyr has been around for many years but was always held back by his lack of tools, especially when compared to newer, flashier champions. The rework aimed to retain his old character and provide him with quality of life improvements to make his time on the modern rift smoother.

This guide will teach you how to play the new reworked Udyr by giving a breakdown of his new abilities and how to best utilise them on the Rift, alongside his best Runes and Item Build.

Udyr Ability Overview

Passive: Bridge Between
  • INNATE: Awakened Spirit: Udyr has four basic abilities instead of an Ultimate. Each ability enters him into a stance that empowers his next two basic attacks and provides an additional effect. Changing your stance will replace the empowered attacks from the previous stance. After Udyr enters a stance, he can recast the ability to enter an Awakened Stance, refreshing the cooldown and the stance with bonus effects.
  • INNATE: Monk Training: After casting an ability, Udyr's next two basic attacks within four seconds are empowered with bonus attack speed and reduce the cooldown of Awaken by five percent.
  • A lack of Ultimate encourages you to frequently stance swap.
  • Being able to constantly reduce the cooldown of Awaken will help you gain additional value over the course of a game.
Q: Wilding Claw
  • Active: Udyr enters Claw Stance, empowering his next two basic attacks with increased physical damage and gaining increased attack speed and on-hit physical damage for four seconds.
  • Recast: Awaken: Udyr gains increased attack speed and attack range, and this causes his basic attacks to chain lightning to up to three visible enemies within range.
  • Your standard damage-dealing stance is best used for dueling other champions or killing a large monster in the early game.
  • The utility of your other stances will outscale this in the late game, so it is only good early on.
W: Iron Mantle
  • Active: Udyr enters Mantle Stance, empowering his next two basic attacks with lifesteal and gaining a small shield for four seconds.
  • Recast: Awaken: The shield's size is increased, stacking with any remaining shield from the previous cast. Additionally, Udyr heals for a portion of his maximum health over four seconds and doubles the healing gained from his empowered basic attacks.
  • Useful when clearing your jungle, to help maintain a good health percentage and make it harder to be counter jungled.
  • Your only real panic button, this can be used before a fight to give yourself a shield going into a skirmish.
E: Blazing Stampede
  • Active: Udyr enters Stampede Stance, empowering his next two basic attacks to be uncancellable and allowing him to Pounce onto the target, stunning them for a small duration. Udyr also becomes Ghosted and receives a decaying movement speed buff over the four seconds.
  • Recast: Awaken: Udyr gains a large attack range increase, additional movement speed, and a short crowd control immunity.
  • Your go-to engage ability; the Recast will give you great ganking potential and help chase down a fleeing enemy.
  • Make sure not to overestimate the movement speed gain and begin the stance from too far away.
R: Wingborne Storm
  • Active: Udyr enters Storm Stance, empowering his next two basic attacks to deal additional magic damage to nearby enemies. Udyr also summons a blizzard around himself for four seconds, which deals damage and slows nearby enemies.
  • Recast: Awaken: Udyr ends the blizzard and creates a storm that follows the closest visible enemy, slowing them and dealing increased magic damage
  • Your main damage-dealing stance, the constant slow means some champions will struggle to escape you, and the AoE damage is great for team fights.
  • Due to your lack of movement skills, being able to provide crowd control is a powerful tool for Udyr.

Udyr's recommended ability level order is:

Q > R > W > E > R > R > R > W > R > W > R > W > W > W > E > E > E > E

Wingborne Storm is your most important ability to max, as it will give you high damage and crowd control.

It completely overshadows Wilding Claw, and you may find yourself mainly using only three abilities after the early game. Iron Mantle is maxed second for the stronger shield, and finally, Blazing Stampede.

For Udyr's summoner spells, you should be taking:

  • Smite (mandatory for Junglers)
  • Ghost (in the majority of cases, as you will be relying on running in to gap close)
  • Flash (can be considered if the enemy team has terrain-creating champions such as Anivia)

Udyr Gameplay Overview

Early Game

Similarly to Udyr's previous iteration, he is a strong early-game ganker who is best utilised before enemy champions have acquired all their skills or key items. Having all your abilities before anyone else is a strong tool, and you should be looking to gank early to help snowball your laners.

Engaging with Blazing Stampede will allow you to circumvent Udyr's poor mobility options. Simply running up to the enemy before recasting will allow you to Pounce on them, activating your crowd control immunity.

Despite this being your only real mobility skill, you will be running around very quickly and should be able to dodge many a skill shot sent your way.

Once you have jumped onto an enemy, you can pop Wingborne Storm to apply high damage and a slow, making it very difficult for the enemies to escape you. Your jungle clear is decent, especially with Wingborne Storm, and if there is no gank to be had, you can comfortably farm up.

Remember to pop Iron Mantle frequently to stay healthy. Due to being able to run around with speed, counter jungling is an effective strategy for Udyr.

You are a strong threat due to your ability to close down fleeing opponents and are decently tanky, especially with Iron Mantle. Red buff is especially powerful for you due to your auto attack reliance.

Despite these strong qualities, you are still essentially an auto-attack champion. Terrain will provide a serious problem for you, and you cannot provide a sort of poke or assistance for your allies. Play him aggressively and try to focus on attacking champions who are unable to dash over terrain.


Hopefully, by this stage of the game, you have impacted your lanes with some strong ganks. Udyr does not particularly excel in controlling objectives such as Dragon or Baron. You will be best served to look to skirmish and pick off any enemies caught out of position.

Due to your speed, you can act as a good scout, so run around searching for overaggressive opponents. You are an ok Duelist, but definitely not a top-tier one, so you are looking to provide the engage for your teammates to follow up.

For objective fights, Udyr should generally stay focused on burning down the Neutral Monster, and he needs to be close to deal damage and does not possess any high damage instant hit to help him secure his Smite. Champions such as Nunu are a big threat to you, as they can significantly out-damage you on these objectives, and you cannot really interact with them in any way to stop them out-Smiting you.

Due to being unable to move over terrain, Udyr is relatively simple to ward against, the enemies should know the routes you will be coming from, and standard ward positions will be able to find you.

Try to remain on top of these, as without invisibility or dash, a sensible opponent will be able to guard against your roams. You are a decent split pusher, so feel free to pop into an unclaimed lane and shove it out before retreating.

Late Game

Upon picking up the majority of your items, your power will continue to scale. Your movement speed becomes very high, and in the late game, you are quite a terrifying sight to be seen running towards you.

Remember that you are the engage, so try to be either at the front of your team or off to one side in order to flank.

Despite being fast and durable, at this late stage, one pick is all it takes to win or lose the game, so try to remain grouped with your team, and if a team fight breaks out, jump onto the enemy's back line.

Blazing Stampede's crowd control immunity will help you charge through the enemy team, and you have high enough damage to be a real threat to the enemy carries. Lock them down with Wingborne Storm, and you should be an absolute nuisance to deal with.

Best Udyr Runes

  • Conqueror
  • Triumph
  • Legend: Tenacity
  • Last Stand
  • Conditioning
  • Unflinching

Best Udyr Item Build

Starter Items
  • Hailblade
  • Refillable Potion
  • Stealth Ward (Trinket)
Core Build
  • Sunfire Aegis
  • Plated Steelcaps
  • Demonic Embrace
  • Dead Man's Plate
  • Force of Nature
Situational Items
  • Frozen Heart
  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Dark Seal
  • Turbo Chemtank
  • Trinity Force

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